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In no ‘Rush’ to vote for ‘The Stim’

America is practically bankrupt. When once we feared another 9-11, we’re now scared stiff of a nationwide Chapter 11. If you’re looking in the mail for your California state tax refund, you’ll probably get an IOU. So it figures that … Continue reading

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Ringmaster of the media circus

OK, Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich is looney tunes. Not that there’s anything wrong with that if you’re a politician. Comes with the territory. While his state is debating his fate, Blago was in The Big Apple trying to get a … Continue reading

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Life imitating art

President Barack Obama’s first few days in office have been interesting, to say the least. He sure has hit the ground running — but he’s soon discovering that there are obstacles in the way. And some are in his path … Continue reading

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The first full day

Some askewed observations about the first full day of the age of Obama are in order. “Let me tell you how it will be, here’s one for you 19 for me.. ‘cos I’m the Taxman”: Tim Geithner, President Obama’s pick … Continue reading

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The speech

President Barack Obama. Has a nice ring to it, no? Beyond the pomp, circumstance and symbolism, our 44th president didn’t deliver one of his signature rousing, lift you right off the floor speeches. In his inaugural address, our new president … Continue reading

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The Moment

America, give yourself a big hug. You helped make history and now you get to watch it unfold. The Moment has arrived — or it will Tuesday at high noon Washington, D.C., time. That moment, Barack Obama will be sworn … Continue reading

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The high and the mighty

“The age of miracles hasn’t passed.” — songwriter Ira Gershwin Believe in a higher power or not, but more than good luck had to be with US Airways Flight 1549 when it ditched in the Hudson River on Thursday and … Continue reading


Farewell to all that

President Bush gave his farewell address to the nation Thursday — but not before he was stopped from trying to wing it. W. was of the, uh, mindset to improvise from his own notes. But after a dry run through, … Continue reading

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Follow the money

Disgraced money manager Bernie Madoff made off in a cloud of dust to his court appearance Wednesday in New York, followed in hot pursuit by the news media — who scurried like frenzied rats zeroing in on a wounded prey. … Continue reading



The Yale Cowboy stuck to his guns at his last official “you won’t have me to kick around anymore” press conference on Monday. W., who envisioned himself, as most Republican male and females do, as the god-like Ronald Reagan, turned … Continue reading

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