Sweet smell of excess

When President Obama ran on the theme of change you can believe in, he probably didn’t mean he’d pick Democrats who think that’s change they can pocket by not paying their taxes.

Tom “H&R Blockhead” is out as secretary of Health and Human Services because he forgot to pay taxes on $150,000. Obama took the fall and even went on all major TV News networks to say “I screwed up.”

Do we really want our president to say that on record? Sounds more like Jimmy Carter’s back in the White House — not JFK. Two weeks out of office and it’s already nostalgia time for George W. He never had to say he screwed up. It was a given.

Look at it this way — at least now comics have material coming from the Obama administration. Tax jokes. Can’t get enough of those. Were we really worried that jokes couldn’t be at the ready no matter who’s in the White House. It’s as American as apple pie, baseballand foreclosures.

But Obama remains cool. He is smooth — put that Daschle blunder in the rear-view mirror by announcing he wants to put a salary cap on corporate execs like those Bank of America bozos who spent $10 million dollars of bailout bucks for the Super Bowl experience — five days of tailgatin’ celebratin’. Our money was used on frills and thrills we coulda used to pay our bills.

So now Obama wants execs craving tarp money to have a yearly salary of only $500,000. Poor lads, that’s lunch money.

Obama is keeping his cool, but it’s going to be interesting how long he maintains this poise. Even some in his own party are queasy about his stimulus plan. It’s said that some Republicans are against it because they don’t want him to have a victory right out of the gate. Never mind that the country has to do something and do it pronto. Somebody ought to do an investigation into how much politicians spend on boosting their egos.

Obama has 100 days to turn this thing around. But since the world is changing at a meteoric pace that matches his ascention to the presidency, he better get more people in his orbit. He’s only been in power for 16 days and it already seems like an eternity of fussin’ and fightin’.

And he better succeed. Obama likes to say times up when it comes to rewarding executives for failure. Nobody has to tell him that pertains to presidents too.

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