Breakfast of Chumpion

A-Rod admits to using steroids.

Michael Phelps gets photographed toking on a marijuana bong.

What’s next — The Cubs intentionally threw games so they wouldn’t get to the World Series?

Phelps was dropped as a pitchman for Kellogg’s. A-Rod will probably get dumped by Madonna because in both cases it’s not the best to you each morning.

A-Rod used as his excuse for steroid use in 2001-2003 when he was with the Texas Rangers the heat in the Lone Star state. He’s got a point there — it fried George W.’s brain. Which explains why he traded Sammy Sosa to the Chicago White Sox. And, basically, his presidency.

A-Rod will probably cry in an interview with Katir Couric or someone and re-hire his wife to be by his side and he’ll say he let his fans — and all those kids out there — down by doing steroids. Steroids are bad, boys and girls, take it from Alex Rodriguez. They may make you hit tons of homeruns in the regular season, but they make you choke in the playoffs.

This is big news, but not unexpected. After all, A-Rod went to the Yankees and they had great players who were only human: Mickey Mantle was a drunk, Babe Ruth was a glutton, Billy Martin was insane, Joe DiMaggio was an arrogant SOB, George Steinbrenner is an a-hole, and Derek Jeter’s favorite cable channel is Bravo. OK, that part was made up.

But A-Rod did the steroids (allegedly) only when he was with the Rangers. Now his biggest blunder while with the Yankees is doing the Material Girl, who, at 50, needs some new material of her own: getting a little long in the tooth to keep singing “Like A Virgin” aren’t ya?

Former Yankee skipper Joe Torre has been making the talk show circuit as of late with his new book about his years helming the club. He writes that some in the Yankee clubhouse referred to A-Rod as “A-Fraud.” Player-haters, no doubt. Torre also writes that A-Rod puts himself under a lot of pressure because he’s in the big time in the Big Apple.

New York the pressure cooker. Where cynicism is the language everybody speaks. They love a winner there — and if you can’t make it there you can’t make it anywhere. As Charles Foster Kane says in “Citizen Kane,” “You buy a bag of peanuts in this town and they write a song about you.”

There are no songs in A-Rod’s next few at bats. But there’s going to be a lot of Bronx cheers.

This year he didn’t have to wait until the playoffs to disappoint.

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