Gorillas in his midst

Rupert Murdoch again apologized for the New York Post cartoon that portrayed President Obama as a chimp and cops killing him for creating the stimulus legislation.

Murdoch said the Post will work to “be more sensitive.”

Right, and Bill O’Reilly isn’t a worm.

Murdoch said the cartoon was supposed to “mock a badly written piece of legislation.”

So, f you think someone writes a bad piece of legislation they should be shot dead by the police? Only if you’re a Democrat who happens to be black and whooped the bee-hind of the white guy you banked on in the last presidential election even though your newspapers and news network mongoloid Fox did everything it could to discredit the eventual winner through fear-mongering and bold-face lies.

An apology from Rupert Murdoch is about as welcomed as an STD.

It’s as honest as a possible appointment from Rod Blagojevich.

Murdoch is Citizen Inane. His Xanadu is the outrage and disgust he perpetuates on America. He is the face of fear and loathing and has minions to spew his vile hatred of humankind.

He’s not sorry about the cartoon. He’s sorry that the issue is lasting longer than a news cycle.

Murdoch knows about creating news-cycles and how to make them last until the public is either wise enough to tune his jaundice jargon out or fall in line with it.

We all evolved from apes. Murdoch never got that far — he felt most at ease with the slime and slugs.

His is the real monkey business.

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