Bobby socked

Poor Bobby Jindal. The Louisiana governor being touted as one of the new faces of the Republican Party had egg on his puss after his debut in front of America giving the response to President Obama’s speech to the joint session of Congress on Tuesday.

Admittedly, that’s a thankless task, following Obama anytime. It’s kind of like running the cartoon after the theatrical showing of “Gone With the Wind.” And speaking of cartoons, Jindal was unavailable for comment and countering criticism the day after his fiasco facing the nation because he took his family to Disney World. “Hey, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal — you just made an ass out of yourself on television before millions of people. What are you going to do now?” It’s rumored that Jindal was mobbed by people at Disney World — not because of his TV debut, but because he was mistaken for Jiminy Cricket from “Pinocchio.”

Jindal’s inauspicious debut was even slammed by conservative pundits from David Brooks to Pat Buchanan. This of course put Fox News on alert to get into position for damage control. It certainly has to cover up the fact that Obama displayed vision while Jindal was blind-sided by his own party’s tired rhetoric. Democrats want to raise your taxes. More government bad. This guy even had the audacity of a mope to mention the mismanagement of Katrina, in his own state, as a failure on more big government’s part. Dude, it was a failure on the Bush administration’s part. Don’t mention torture at a family reunion where grandpa was being honored for surviving WWII as a POW. Meanwhile, Louisiana ranks 49th out of 50 as the state most dependent on federal money.

If the South thinks it’s going to rise again with this guy, it’s in need of better voodoo.

Jindal, the son of immigrants from India, gave himself the nickname Bobby after one of the siblings on “The Brady Bunch.” That’s really lightweight for a possible GOP presidential candidate. Butit could’ve been worse, he could’ve given himself the nickname Mork.

The GOP wants us to buy the nonsense that Jindal is supposed to be the GOP’s Barack Obama — you know, an ETH-NIK with darker skin than Mr. Tanning Booth, GOP Minority Leader John Boehner. The GOP must think anything the Dems can do they can do better. Dems almost nominated Hillary Clinton. So the GOP found someone with boobs, who actually is a boob, in Sarah Palin. You think they would’ve learned their lesson.

The Republican Party is trying too hard to be hip. You could just see their brain trust (and who would that be — Eric “Wipe that smile off your face, numnuts” Cantor?) sitting around thinking, “Hey let’s get “Slumdog Millionaire” Jindal to give the GOP response. India is in this season.” Only problem is, that movie delivered.

Jindal did have a major player supporting his fiasco — unfortunately it was Rush Limbaugh. Jabba the Butt chastized the GOP right who criticized Jindal, whom he called another Reagan (so how many another Reagan does that make? If you’re scoring at home, that’s two, since Butt sort of called Palin another Gipper.) “Style’s not going to take out country back,” the Butt said. He ought to know, he’s living proof that style can’t hold a candle to triggering what anger is suppressed in the unconscious, uh, subconscious minds of his dittoheads that only he can regurgitate.

This doesn’t put an end to Jindal’s future on the grand political stage. Bill Clinton bounced back after giving that disasterous keynote speech at the Democratic convention in 1988. But Jindal made the grave error of trying to score by using the GOP playbook, which, in football terms, is still lether helmets. Or Major League Baseball without the designated hitter.

If you’re supposed to be the new face of the Republican Party, it’s time to show you’re not just trying to save face.

As it stands now, Palin’s lipstick on a pitbull still paints a prettier picture.

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