Monthly Archives: February 2009

Breakfast of Chumpion

A-Rod admits to using steroids. Michael Phelps gets photographed toking on a marijuana bong. What’s next — The Cubs intentionally threw games so they wouldn’t get to the World Series? Phelps was dropped as a pitchman for Kellogg’s. A-Rod will … Continue reading

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Sweet smell of excess

When President Obama ran on the theme of change you can believe in, he probably didn’t mean he’d pick Democrats who think that’s change they can pocket by not paying their taxes. Tom “H&R Blockhead” is out as secretary of … Continue reading

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Cerebral flatulence

Like a bad meal that keeps coming up on you, former Vice President Dick Cheney has regurgitated his scathing opinions so soon after leaving power. He took time out from his busy schedule frightening school children by showing them graphic … Continue reading


Smoke on the water

Aquaman Michael Phelps, the ubergold medalist for swimming — swimming! — at the Olympics was photographed at a party toking on a matijuana bong. Jeez, he doesn’t look dumb. Aquaman will probably get a pass on this one ‘cos Madison … Continue reading


One for the thumb and then some

Steelers, baby! The franchise with the patent on the Lombardi merchandise made it a record sixth Super Bowl win Sunday. They’re calling it a game for the ages (they always do when the contest comes down to the last two … Continue reading