Party poopers

Michael Steele has on more than one occasion bragged by giving himself the moniker “Man of Steele.” But no Superman is he. He’s more like a Tin Man. The chairman of the Republican National Committee apologized to Rush Limbaugh after he referred to the conservative talk show behemoth not only as just an “entertainer” but an entertainer who is “incendiery and ugly” at times.

Then came the kryptonite.

Jabba the Butt got his dander up and started spewing — like a runway model in the ladies room after eating too much at a French restaurant — about Steele on his radio show (Rush does have a face for radio, doesn’t he?)

He told Steele to “start doing the work you were elected to do” and to stop trying to be a “talking head media star” (Jabba has given that job to Princess You Bet’cha — Sarah “I can see the Death Star from my house” Palin)

Steele must have been shaking like a little kid next in line to sit on fat Santa’s lap for the first time.

Jabba even said if he were the chairman of the Republican Party he’d quit, given the sad state of affairs that it’s in.

This prompted Tin Man to make this weasely statement: “I respect Rush Limbaugh, he is a national conservative leader, and in no way do I want to diminish his voice.”

The Man of Tin even went as far as to grovel at the feet of the Butt and say in no way did he attempt to diminish Jabba’s “leadership.”

Didn’t it used to be the Democrats who were the wimps? Maybe the Republican strategy is to now be the weasels who back down from bloated braggarts because they’re fraidy cats.

Has the Bush-Cheney years of fear-mongering even made members of their own party scared of their own shadow? They’ve created a monster in Jabba the Butt and he’s so out of control he’s got control of a political party that’s as lost as intelligent conversation on “The O’Reilly Factor.”

Steele was better off as a yes man on the Fox News Channel, where they incorporate a slew of possible RNC chairmen. Now his voice is barely recognizable. Too tinny.

In other news:

Gov. Rod Blagojevich apparently signed a six-figure deal to write a book called “The Governor.” And he promises it’ll be down and dirty. He’ll name names. He said he’ll even embarrass himself. Who hasn’t been waiting to see that again.

Blago, who has been persona non grata on cable news ever since his 15 minutes ran out and was recently taken over by Octomom, was only a footnote with this latest news.

By the time the book comes out in October, he’ll be on that list of People Who Made News in 2009, somewhere inbetween an also ran on “Dancing with the Stars” and Hugh Hefner’s latest 18-year-old twin mansion-mates.

It was reported that the biggest supporters of porn on the Web or DVDs or whatever live in red states. In fact, in 8 of the 10 states that went for John McCain for president in November. The state where it’s porn to be wild is Utah. Gives a whole new meaning to the Mormon-themed HBO series “Big Love.”

McCain was apparently unavailable for comment on this, but someone who claimed to be a spokesman for the Arizona senator said he never did and never will see such dirty movies with titles like “McCain and Able,” “The Old Man and the SeeBees,” “Behold a Palin Horse,” and “Two in the Bush.”

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