Obama’s got some drama

The honeymoon is over. Time to check out of the Hotel Chapter 11. For a wedding present, the stock market has given Barack Obama it’s worst post-inauguration performance ever for a new president.

Over at Fox News they’re gloating, writing headlines on their Web site like The recession is Obama’s 9-11.

So is this Obama’s bad economy now. Two months into the job, it sure looks like the worm has turned. The first 100 days of the Obama administration have met with more nos than a high school nerd hitting on cheerleaders. The GOP has been adament at best to give into the new president — on anything. The Rushlican Party’s leader, Jabba the Butt, has said time and again that he hopes Obama fails. People losing their jobs and their homes be damned, as long as Jabba and Fox get what they want.

We know Obama is a Bears fan, but this is ridiculous. A bear market or hangover from the Bush administration, the Associated Press asked. It’s time to stop putting it all on the Bushies. They were like a bunch of frat boys who knew they weren’t going to get their security deposits back on the frat house so they left it in shambles. Let the next guy clean it up.

For a guy who doesn’t like drama, Obama’s got drama. He may be thinking that cliches do come true: be careful what you wish for. Obama wanted to be president. Look what its got him. Apparently during the campaign when the economy started heading south, Obama joked with one of his advisors “is it too late to throw the election?”

Would we be better off if John McCain won? It’s obvious that Wall Street doesn’t react favorably to any Democrat — not just Obama. Wall Street loves the party of big business. But McCain? The guy who said he didn’t know much about the economy and proved it by saying “the fundamentals are still strong” and introduced America to a plumber who is good for a few thousand flushes when it comes to his ideas for fixing the economy.

Just today, senators of both parties voted to keep their back-home pet projects, therefore rejecting McCain’s attempt to strip some 8,000 earmarks from the $410 billion spending bill.

So no one’s listening to him either.

Lawmakers will stand on a soap box and bellow about pork spending and pick and choose which ones make us look like we’re being hoodwinked. But they’ll push their own little pet projects that their constituents back home elect them to make sure remain intact.

America is fast becoming “No Country for Bold Men.” Obama and McCain, still on opposing sides, are at least making a effort to change the way America is doing business.

But it’s “Just Say No to O” and “Same ol’ lame McCain.” They’re trying in their seperate but equal ways to take care of the nation’s bidness. And their opponents are reacting with bumper sticker slogans. None of which, of course, fit on any GM product.

There are ambitious people already running for president in 2012. Obama’s been in office seven weeks. There are those who will say he’s gone from meteoric rise to mediocre presidency. But they don’t have any real solutions either.

Everybody’s just waiting for the other shoe to drop. But before that happens (and it could be real soon) the other shoe better give this country’s lawmakers another swift kick you know where, if anything, to remind them where their heads have been.

Meanwhile, the First Family is looking for a dog for the kids, but the economy is the president’s puppy now. And it’s bite is way worse than its bark.

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