Obama on the Left Coast

President Obama is in California today and tomorrow and he’s playing on home turf. Home court advantage to the skinny guy with the weight of the world on his shoulders. Of course the AIG bonus to the bimbos who botched business and begot a bailout is on the minds of a lot of good, decent, God-fearing, Hollywood-hatin’ Americans here in the Golden State.

The AIG mess: There was Congress — both parties — acting like the Claude Rains character in “Casablanca” who was guaranteed to always win at roulette but used as an excuse to shut down Bogie’s gin joint that he was “shocked. Shocked to learn there’s gambling going on here.”

That’s Congress — both parties — shocked that AIG execs got millions in bonus bucks. It was a clear case of bipartisan bewilderment. It was written in AIG’s contract, which supporters of the bailout neglected to read the fine print (do members of Congress get cliff notes on everything?)

Naturally, the Republicans are putting the blame for the AIG fiasco on Obama, because it happened on his watch — as opposed to don’t blame W. for 9-11 because it happened on his watch, ‘cos the bad guys — you know, Iraqis who bombed us — were in pre-season bombing mode when Clinton was president.)

Even some people here in the Land of Milk and Honey are starting to get irked at Obama for some of his change has gotta come ideas. One med school student was ticked off at Obama’s universal health care plan because apparently after she becomes a doctor she won’t be making a lot of money. Isn’t that what the Hippocratic oath is all about?

Obama is starting to take some heat — even in Calyforneeya, where one would think he’d be preaching to the choir.

Maybe his gig on “The Tonight Show” with Jay Leno on Thursday will help get some of the faithful back.

Leno is all psyched about this — so much so, he’s thinking of going to a plastic surgeon to get Octomon-style lips so he can pucker up better than usual.

Obama is breaking another barrier of sorts — this is the first time a sitting president will appear on late night TV. Unless you count the time the Secret Service watched Bubba and Monica on White House closed-circuit.

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