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Republicans wanted President Obama to suspend his appearance Thursday on “The Tonight Show” and get back to the nation’s business of cleaning up this AIG bonus fiasco even though they said Obama’s trying to do too much. If they had minds, they could make them up.

Meanwhile, Obama told Jay Leno that Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner is “doing an outstanding job” (oh, oh, kind of like when W. said “You’re doing a heck of a job, Brownie” to Michael Brown, the head of FEMA who fiddled with himself while Katrina ravaged New Orleans.)

Leno the Inquisitor asked Obama tough questions like “How cool is it to fly on Air Force One?” And when are Sasha and Malia going to get that darn puppy?

Leno the objective journalist said getting the prez on his show was “one of the best nights of my life.”

It would’ve been hilarious if Leno would’ve pulled a Hugh Grant on Obama and for his first question to the president he asked, “What were you thinking?” when you wanted to take this job.

Obama could’ve got one on Leno: “I was misinformed, I thought we were going to be on at 10 p.m.”

Not to be outdone, Leno’s competition over at CBS, David Letterman, hosted Andy Dick and that fat comic who always impersonates John Madden.

Anyway, this will be fuel for the dragon fire that is the right wing.

The leader of the Rushlican Party, Jabba the Butt, will start jumping up and down like a pill-popping Humpty Dumpty and get on Obama’s case for “going to Hollyweird and cavorting with left-leaning haters of the Constitution who want to same-sex America.”

Fox News will now start their smear campaign against Leno — saying things like he has cocaine parties with Cub Scouts.

Obama does play the media like a priceless Fender. President Omnipresent was on ESPN with his NCAA tourney picks — and he’ll be on “60 Minutes” this week.

Hopefully he won’t be interviewed by Andy Rooney.

“You ever notice that people walk in malls like they drive on highways? They weave in and out without signaling and they make sudden stops.” “Did you ever wonder if my eyebrows were big enough to smuggle a bunch of illegals into the country?”

Meanwhile, with friends like these, who needs enemas?: Democrats are infighting, blaming each other for not noticing the provision in the AIG bailout package that featured those bonuses. Even when the Democrats win they try to make a case why they should lose.

Maybe the Democrats are secretly trying to put Jabba the Butt and Fox News out of business. Who needs fascists running your party down when you’re the best at running your own party into the ground.

“Did you ever notice that veteran Democrats in Congress are like anchors on “60 Minutes”? Everybody knows we should have retired a long time ago but we just can’t help thinking the country can’t function without us.”

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