Gutter ball

If President Obama is going to fail, his economic stimulus plan won’t be the culprit. Nor will his change ideas on health care, energy or education. His plan to send more troops to Afghanistan won’t do him in either.

What will be Barack’s Achilles’ heel? Bowling.

Remember during the primaries in the bowling capital of the United States — Pennsylvania — when then candidate Obama rolled gutter balls and it made him look like he was out of touch with the working class ‘cos he couldn’t even imagine going for the 7-10 split? It wasn’t saying Pennsylvanians cling to their guns and religion that cost him the primary. It was bowling.

The sport of beer lovers everywhere got him in hot water again last night on Jay Leno’s show. When the prez joked that he actually bowled a 126 (not so hot for those not in the know) he then stepped in it further by saying something like “I know, it’s like the Special Olympics.”

Let the outrage ensue. There are sacred cows in America you have to keep your trap shut about if you plan on using as a punchline in public: women, gays, minorities and people with severe disabilities.

Obama clearly crossed the line. It was a poor choice of a punchline indeed — and it wasn’t funny. It was the kind of thing that makes you squirm a bit.

Having said that — let’s get over it. Obama — although some might not think so — is only human. Certainly not superhuman. Or, at the other end of the spectrum, evil.

As soon as I heard Obama say it on “The Tonight Show” I thought, come morning, the angry mob will be out there with the pitchforks — especially Fox News. Much to my surprise — at least this morning — it was CNN and MSNBC giving the gaffe a lot of airtime. And those networks are supposed to be in Obama’s corner.

I just figure when I get home tonight, Fox will have gathered all its fire-breathing commentators and lash out at “Special Olympics-gate.” Newt and Dana and Geraldo and Ari and Mr. Considerate, Bill O’Reilly, will all have their dander up. It’s just a matter of time.

Some will probably even call for the president to resign. Sarah Palin says she hopes that’s not the way Obama “truly feels about the special needs community.”

Better listen to that, Mr. President. Remember when she spoke around Thanksgiving and what went on with those turkeys behind her.

In bowling, a turkey is excellent — three strikes in a row.

With that unfortuante comment last night, the president is merely a turkey.

There seems to be no way to stop comparing his mis-steps with that sport.

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