An open invitation

Simon Growl wants President Obama to appear on “American Idol.” Last week on Jay Leno’s show, the prez said Washington was like “American Idol” and all the leaders are like that pop phenom TV show.

Maybe Obama could go on the show and be a special guest judge.

He could pick Cabinet members — all they have to do is know how to sing his praises and pay their taxes.

Things could really get interesting if Obama got to judge the Republican candidate who will run against him in 2012. It’s not too early to discuss this, since cable news shows have already made it a popular parlor game. At least with them.

The three semi-finalists would be: Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, and, but of course, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

It wouldn’t take 24 months of campaigning — not to mention the millions of dollars poor Republican supporters would have to dole out in campaign funds. It would also put to rest the inconsistencies and suspicions of legalities when it comes to campaign financing.

Americans would vote by the millions — especially if Obama (who is still popular, isn’t he?) was the guest host judge.

Who would have the edge?

Palin’s got the look, the personality, and, actually, the stones. She doesn’t have any idea what she’s talking about, but admit it, aren’t we sort of getting nostalgic for that in our presidents right about now?

And comedians can’t get enough of her. Comics are still trying to pin Obama down, but they’re still resorting to wisecracks about his mother-in-law. Really, mother-in-law jokes? Is that the best you got? Why not have a routine about how bad airplane food is? It’s time to dig up the dead bones of Catskill comics like Alan King.

Mitt Romney sounds like the guy who is trying to sell you a Lexus. He looks like the poster boy for metrosexuals (whatever happened to that term?) Sure, he swears he’s an economic wizard. But this Merlin played fast and loose with his own millions and got about 20 delegates in 2008 and came in behind Mike Huckabee for cryin’ out loud.

Then there’s Bobby Jindal, who looks like he’d lose to Gandhi in an arm-wrestling contest and sounds like a bad British actor of Indian descent who needs a better vocal coach for that Southern accent.

He still has curry on his face after he laid an egg with that Republican response to Obama’s address to Congress last month.

It’s first and foremost Sarah Palin. Palin and Obama on “American Idol.” There wouldn’t be a car on the road when that thing’s on the bloomin’ telly.

Obama and Palin, celebrity squared. Maybe there can be a spinoff show in the works. “Who Wants to be a Republican nominee” or “Survivor: The GOP.”

And when everyone’s at home watching, they can say they could see the real America from their house.

Better yet, maybe the ultimate spinoff to “American Idol” should be called “Get a grip on Reality.”

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