No devil in these details

The Republican budget proposal has no figures.

If it was a cartoon character it wouldn’t be Jessica Rabbit, it would be Olive Oyl.

The GOP put out a wafer-thin pamplet on Thursday called The Road to Recovery, which was the “Oh ya!” response to President Obama saying they had no ideas.

“Here it is, Mr. President,” grumbled Ohio Rep. John “Coppertone Tan” Boehner.

Apparently it was a prologue to something coming down later on that road to recovery. If this was previews of coming attractions, save your money and wait till the movie plays on free TV.

Details, smetails. Who needs details? Besides, the Republicans are God-fearing and they thought it would be fire and brimstone because the devil is in the details….

Speaking of God-fearing, Republicans have got to stop with all this Almighty is calling me to run stuff.

God doesn’t play favorites. He doesn’t have to.

We know Democrats don’t like speaking about God when running for office. But you guys take it to the extreme, for heaven’s sake.

Back in the late 1990s, George W. Bush said he heeded the call from God (a burning Bush?) to run for president.

Thus proving that God has an ironic sense of humor.

After this past election, Sarah Palin tried to put it in words (her first mistake) and said something like (one can only paraphrase Palin) “if this is what is through the next door, I pray, don’t let God make me miss going through the door… ” window, hardwood floor, yada, yada, yada.

Now it’s Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele’s turn. When asked if he would run for president in 2012, Steele said “If that’s where God wants me to be at that time.”

Everything the Republicans seem to do seems to be part of God’s greater plan for them and America.

God doesn’t make plans. He’s too busy.

Palin, meanwhile, scolded the McCain campaign because she said no one would pray with her. She needed a prayer intervention or something before accepting her party’s nomination for vice president last summer in Minneapolis.

The McCain people were praying all right — praying they didn’t screw it up by picking her.

Thus proving that sometimes God doesn’t always answer our prayers.

God’s lines are alway busy. But keep leaving those messages — you never know when he’ll get back to you.

And while we’re on the subject of people taking it upon themselves to do things in God’s name, there’s this bishop at Notre Dame who is going to boycott President Obama’s commencement address at the historic Catholic University. His reason? Because of Obama’s stand on abortion rights and stem cell research.

It’s the bishop’s right because he is following the doctrine of the church. But because Obama is not a Catholic, it looks more political. Obama, like Democrats and some Republicans who take the same stand on a woman’s right to choose and/or stem cell research, are all lumped into one stereotype: Godless.

That would be like telling the bishop to be careful how you choose your words, you may not be aware of how it sounds when someone sees the words Catholic clergyman and boycott in the same sentence.

God listens to everybody. Especially if they’re wrong.

That’s why he’s given us that right.

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