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Car crazy

Would you buy a used car from this man? Was the joke about Richard Nixon when he was running and running for president. Now it’s President Barack Obama offering voters (he calls them voters instead of the old stand-by Americans … Continue reading


The choke’s on you

The biggest tax on tobacco goes into effect on Wednesday. Headlines read “Smokers fume over higher taxes on cigarettes.” Here are headlines and phrases and questions you won’t see on TV or in newsprint: 1. “Taxing your butts off” 2. … Continue reading

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No devil in these details

The Republican budget proposal has no figures. If it was a cartoon character it wouldn’t be Jessica Rabbit, it would be Olive Oyl. The GOP put out a wafer-thin pamplet on Thursday called The Road to Recovery, which was the … Continue reading

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There he goes again. President Obama conducted the first online townhall meeting Thursday from the White House. President Omnipresent. President Obamnipresent? By the time his first term is over he will have talked to every American — except those who … Continue reading

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They’ve been played

Condi, you party animal! Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was on Jay Leno’s show Tuesday night and was asked who was her favorite rock band. And — shocker! — her answer was Led Zepplin. When you think Condi Rice … Continue reading

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An open invitation

Simon Growl wants President Obama to appear on “American Idol.” Last week on Jay Leno’s show, the prez said Washington was like “American Idol” and all the leaders are like that pop phenom TV show. Maybe Obama could go on … Continue reading

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With apologies to Dave

The Top Ten reasons why David Letterman finally married the mother of his kid (who has been his gal-pal for 23 years or so): 10. The Octomom turned him down 9. The only way he could get a 10 p.m. … Continue reading

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Gutter ball

If President Obama is going to fail, his economic stimulus plan won’t be the culprit. Nor will his change ideas on health care, energy or education. His plan to send more troops to Afghanistan won’t do him in either. What … Continue reading

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Barack TV

Republicans wanted President Obama to suspend his appearance Thursday on “The Tonight Show” and get back to the nation’s business of cleaning up this AIG bonus fiasco even though they said Obama’s trying to do too much. If they had … Continue reading

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Obama on the Left Coast

President Obama is in California today and tomorrow and he’s playing on home turf. Home court advantage to the skinny guy with the weight of the world on his shoulders. Of course the AIG bonus to the bimbos who botched … Continue reading

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