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Sic Cheney on AIG

Just when you thought Bernie Madoff was the most hated man in America, along comes the executives from AIG (America is Greedy) who got $165 million in bonuses. These are the same bozos who ran the corporation into the ground. … Continue reading

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A Barbie Doll’s House

Barbie is 50. But she doesn’t look that old with all that “plastic” surgery she’s had done. Barbie has played many roles throughout her life — both politically correct and anachronistic. Eventually, they tried to make Barbie Dolls for everyone. … Continue reading


Follow the money

It’s apparent that some of the earmarks and/or pork barrel spending projects in President Obama’s spendingpalooza bill for individual states are outrageous at face value. But what’s this with Republimbaugh senators voting against the spending bill but inserting earmarks of … Continue reading

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Splitsville in Wasilla

It’s official. Bristol Palin, daughter of you-know-who, will continue to be an unwed mom. She and Levi Johnston, the father of their child, Tripp, have called off the wedding they had planned for this summer. Alaska’s answer to Branjolina is … Continue reading


Obama the omnipresent

Obama is now past the half-way mark of his first 100 days as president and the Rapture still hasn’t happened. But that’s not stopping some people in militia states to hunker down in a bunker somewhere in a Dick Cheney-like … Continue reading


Obama’s got some drama

The honeymoon is over. Time to check out of the Hotel Chapter 11. For a wedding present, the stock market has given Barack Obama it’s worst post-inauguration performance ever for a new president. Over at Fox News they’re gloating, writing … Continue reading

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The week that was

It’s the end of another tough week on Wall Street and what’s the news across the nation? Obama is dithering Limbaugh is regurgitating a man stuffed his cat in a bong to keep it (the animal) warm a woman in … Continue reading


For their consideration

The GOP is still in a state of confusion as to who is really running the show. Republican National Committee Chairman Michael “Sorry about that, chief” Steele is apparently working on a GOP 12-step recovery program to get things right … Continue reading


Party poopers

Michael Steele has on more than one occasion bragged by giving himself the moniker “Man of Steele.” But no Superman is he. He’s more like a Tin Man. The chairman of the Republican National Committee apologized to Rush Limbaugh after … Continue reading

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Raging bulls

Fox News called it “Rush Replay.” The GOP News Network rebroadcast — in it’s entirety — Rush Limbaugh’s keynote address to the Conservative Political Action Conference — or as he referred to it, his first address to the nation. This … Continue reading