Suspicious mindless

Did you know that Barack Obama is sending satanic messages to the American people?

That’s what radical right wing blogs are spewing like Linda Blair on her worst day in “The Exorcist.”

Satan. Socialist. Muslim. Celebrity. And you thought the president was just some liberal wimp.

He’s Rosemary’s baby. Born around that time (actually a few years before the book and the movie made a splash — but we’re not dealing with accuracy with the YouTube right wing.)

Apparently, the right wingnut bloggers played some of President Obama’s speeches backward and they swear (to who knows who) that the prez is saying such things like “Serve Satan.”

Phew! It could be worse: Play speeches at normal speed from Republicans and they say “Serve Rush.”

But we’re splitting hairs here.

Where were these suspicious minds when Ronald Reagan was president? You know, Ronald Wilson Reagan — six letters in each of his names, or 6-6-6. The mark of The Beast. Or Cheney’s favorite lottery number to play.

This is of course ridiculous. Obama a satan worshipper? He’s too busy worshipping himself. But don’t tell those lunatics who’ll say stuff like:

1. If you play the phrase “Change you can believe in” backward you swear (to who knows who) he’s saying: “I’m going to eat all your babies and make your kids smoke Chesterfields.”

2. Play “Yes we can” in reverse and it sounds suspiciously like “Soon it will be called the United States of Hades.”

3. Rework the letters in his book title “Audacity of Hope” and you can spell “Ode to a Cuda.” Which means absolutely nothing unless the bloggers get you to believe a cuda is short for baracuda and that rhymes with Sara-cuda (Palin during the campaign) which means he’s trying to enlist our beloved next president in Satan’s Army. Run, Sarah, run!

And what about these facts the YouTube right wing would make up:

1. What’s Barack Obama’s favorite Rolling Stones song? “Sympathy for the Devil.”

2. What’s Obama’s favorite cake? Devil’s food. Duh!

3. Where would Barack Obama prefer to hike if he ever hiked? Devil’s Canyon.

4. What fabric does Barack Obama prefer most on women? Satin, ‘cos it’s almost spelled like satan.

5. Why does Barack Obama like Santa so much? ‘Cos when you rearrange the letters you can spell Satan.

6. What’s Obama’s favorite movie title? “Apocalypse Now.”

7. What’s Obama’s favorite part of the Bible? None. He reads the Koran.

Such nonsense from the lunatic fringe — who, incidentally are not so much on the fringe anymore and, thanks to the Internet, are slowly but surely getting their insanity heard.

As long as it doesn’t become gospel. God help us all if that should everhappen.

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