The prez is watching

Barack Obama’s favorite TV show is “Entourage,” the HBO comedy about, uh, celebrity.

The cool characters on the hip series are Vince, the pretty boy actor who wants to be the next Brad Pitt; E, Vince’s friend from childhood who busts his chops as the actor’s manager; Johnny Drama, Vince’s older brother who has seen better days in the acting profession but is still out there plugging away; and Turtle, a gopher of sorts who is the comic relief among the gang and seriously believes he’s a black hip-hop artist trapped in a flabby white guy’s body. Then there’s Ari Gold, Vince’s manic but persuasive (if not ethically-challenged) agent.

Apparently Obama used to work his campaign schedule around the series so he wouldn’t miss an episode. The show is usually pretty good — more style than substance (which Obama’s critics have accused him of possessing.) The plot always centers around getting Vince in the movies and the trial and tribulations thereof. Lots of big name filmmakers like Martin Scorsese drop by in cameo roles as themselves to lend an air of authenticity to the proceedings.

“Entourage” satarizes young Hollywood, but it’s not overly critical or cynical — almost tame, which is unusual for an HBO series. Some have called it the male version of “Sex and the City” (I wouldn’t know becuase I’m a guy and I refused to ever watch it) except the characters on “Entourage” are more likely to catch an STD.

The series could almost play on network TV, since the only thing that separates it is the foul language (usually reserved for Ari or the sea of women that enter and exit the lives of our heroes) and the occasional topless babes on view to prove breast enhancement is alive and well in L.A. and not victim of the sagging economy.

The show could cut back on the workforce for one episode at least and the prez can fill in the parts of two of the characters, who would merge as O and No Drama Obama. Just a thought.

Obama’s pick as his favorite TV show may be a bit frivolous and even considered shallow (as most of America thinks of Hollywood anyway.) But it’s a far cry better than Bush and Cheney’s cant-miss-an-episode of “24.” Not that there’s anything wrong with it — as long as you don’t take it seriously like Dick and Bush did. They supposedly imposed some of the tactics used by Jack Bauer — or at least seriously considered them. Cheney looked at “24” like it was a documentary on how he would run things.

You wouldn’t catch Obama trying to pull off some of the things Vince and his pals do on “Entourage.” Now Bill Clinton’s another story.

Here are some other series of the famous or nearly famous that shouldn’t come as a suprise:

1. Fox News’ newest prophet of doom of the airwaves, Glenn Beck, should consider becoming a devoted fan of HBO’s “In Treatment,” if only because he’s not going to get any help for his completely mental state of mind.

2. Ponzi scheme swindler Bernie Madoff can’r get enough of “Prison Break.”

3. Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele is said to often get stumped playing “Are You Smarter Than a Fifth-Grader”

4. Vice President Joe Biden thinks he’s got enough clout now where he can keep bugging network producers to give a go next season with “CSI: Delaware”

5. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says episodes of “Dog the Bounty Hunter” keeps her cheeks rosy and her smile frozen.

6. Hillary Clinton had to put a special chip on the TV because Bill was getting the wrong idea of what the show “The Hills” was about.

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