Mission accomplished

During the presidential campaign when Joe Biden put his foot in his mouth by saying that Obama would be tested early in his administration by a foreign crisis, it’s safe to say he didn’t have Somali pirates in mind.

But the president was not only up to the challenge, he passed it with flying colors. Much to the dismay of conservative Republicans who, just days before the American ship’s captain was rescued, were trying to convince the public that Obama, being a Democrat, wasn’t up to dealing with any crisis.

Some right wing columnists even called the president a “pantywaist.”

Their criticism of President Obama handling a crisis is as archaic as that term they used.

Since conservative extremists (is that redundant?) have no pride to swallow and can’t stomach the taste for crow, they had to take another tactic to try to discredit Obama’s shining moment as commander in chief.

Cue Fox News’ extreme blabbermouth Sean Hannity, who on Monday was chortling that Obama “raced to take the credit.” The segment on Insanity’s show was called “Spinning the pirate crisis.”

To get a fellow Conservatron to agree with his assessment, Insanity brought out another right wing blowhard, Bernie Goldberg. But Bernie wasn’t playing Jerry Mahoney to Insanity’s Paul Winchell this time around.

Goldberg gave Obama kudos for his decisive action. He even told Insanity that he was being petty, and if the incident would’ve had a tragic outcome (like the helicopters that went down when ordered by Jimmy Carter to rescue the hostages in Iran in the late 1970s) then the conservative movement would have been lining up to drub the president with everything they had at their disposal.

Hannity the Insanity tried anyway. Goldberg even brought up the fact that had this been W. or any other Republican president, no one would have be able to contain Insanity’s exuberance.

But Goldberg didn’t stand a chance and more or less looked like he was saying “this guy’s a tool” and just let the host continue to make himself look more fooish than usual. And that takes some doing.

If there’s a plank, Hannity should be walking it.

First off, the president is supposed to comment on a crisis, successful or not. And the American people want to hear from the president, no matter who it is.

Second, he gave credit to the organizations that helped pull it off. Primarily homeland security and the military.

And third, he honored the Alabama’s captain, Richard Phillips, as an American hero who sacrificed himself for his crew.

Now about those Navy Seals sharpshooters. Dudes, real guy stuff. Badda-boom, badda-bing. Even Dick Cheney’s gotta like this one — although he’d probably miss and hit them in the face.

Bin Laden should be very worried, especially since Obama is sending troops to Afghanistan. Navy Seals don’t operate by sea alone…

NBC had some cool animation to show how the sharpshooters took out the three pirates with three shots to the head. Can you say future video game?

Fox News can’t stand the fact that Obama is, pardon the pun, setting America’s ship straight. At least getting it back on course after Admirmal Weapons of Mass Destruction practically sunk it.

America has been getting some deserved good news this year when it comes to heroics. It takes some of the bluster off the depressing economic news.

We’re 2 and 0 with this rescue on the high seas. The first was a few months back when Captain Sully ditched that passenger jet in the Hudson River to avoid a catastrophe and all aboard survived.

Maybe we’re at our best on water.

The rescue of Captain Richard Phillips was inspiring, but sometimes news groups could go a tad bit too far. Since it happened on Easter Sunday, some called it an Easter Miracle. Careful, as far as many believe, there could be only one of those.

But it is a miracle that Fox News and its overlord Jabba the Butt Limbaugh can only mock everything — they even manage to tarnish pure heroism. How un-American.

On Tax Day Wednesday, Fox and their cohorts are protesting paying taxes by pelting the enemy (that would be Democrats) with tea bags. You know, to make it seem like the 21st century’s answer to the Boston Tea Party.

Watch out guys, tea is associated with England. Everything stops for tea in Britain.

And you know those British guys aren’t exactly macho.

More like “pantywaists.”

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