Bubba for a day

The Clintons have come up with a real deal for Americans who contribute money to the former first couple pay off Hillary’s remaining $2 million debt from her failed presidential run.

Contribute money to Bill and Hill and your name could be drawn from a drum or whatever and you too can be in the front row of the finals on “American Idol.”

That’s pretty good, if you like that sort of thing. But it’s another prize that’s a real attention getter. Some lucky person could “Win a date with Bill.”

You and Bubba for a whole day.

Wonder what that conversation was like between the American Gothic of the left wing after you-know who came up with the idea.

It might have gone something like this:

Hillary: I think we’ll make a bundle from contributors who want to win those “American Idol” tickets.

Bubba: No doubt about it. But….

Hillary: Oh, no. There’s a but. Everytime there’s a but from your lips this invisible shield appears before me so whatever you’re going to suggest can bounce right off of me.

Bubba: I was just thinking …

Hillary: Even worse. When those wheels start to turn in your head — like your brilliant idea for us to spoof that “Sopranos” finale for one of my TV campaign ads. That went over about as well as the Octomom at a Planned Parenthood meeting.

Bubba; Pauley Walnuts liked it. He contributed a couple grand to the campaign, didn’t he?

Hillary: Whatever. What’s your brilliant idea this time, Edison?

Bubba: Win a date with me. Spend the day with ol’ Bubba.

Hillary: I don’t know how to answer that, Bill. I’m too stunned.

Bubba: Pretty good, huh?

Hillary: Do you miss comics making jokes about our marriage that much? Maybe we should get money from them for you coming up with material for their acts.

Bubba: Think about it. There’s got to be millions of people who would want to spend time with a former president. Wouldn’t you want to spend time with me for a day if we weren’t married? Huh? Hillary?

Hillary: What if some nut case from the vast right wing conspiracy mongers wins?

Bubba: One on one with a right winger for a day. I’d win him over. I’m very persuasive.

Hillary: Like I don’t know that. OK, but there’s got to be a few conditions.

Bubba: Conditions? Such as….?

Hillary: No women.

Bubba; But honey bun, people might think I’ve gone all “don’t ask, don’t tell” on them.

Hillary: No one in their right mind would think that. Your enemies threw everything at you — but never that. Besides, it could be very bromatic.

Bubba: Bromance? Is that some “Sex in the City” thing? Besides, it’ll be considered sexist if you do something like that. People would say you don’t trust ol’ Bubba.

Hillary: OK, then no men.

Bubba: There you go.

Hillary: A-ha, double standard! Let’s just let it play itself out.

Bubba: That’s my Secretary of My State of Mind. Besides they’ll be cameras following us wherever the date takes us. What possible trouble can I get into.

Hillary: Don’t push it. You got what you want. Like you always do.

Bubba: Not without you putting up some fight with that spunk of yours.

Hillary: I still got it, don’t I.

Bubba: You sure do, mama. And I promise I’ll be real good.

Hillary: Oh, no problem there. Especially when you hear my idea.

Bubba: What’s that, sugar loaf?

Hillary: Contribute to my campaign debt and win a night as Bill’s chaperone.

Bubba: No men allowed to enter, right?

Hillary: I’ve got my sources too…..

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