Ode to the first 100 days

Just when you thought nothing interesting would come from the era of Obama, those media-coveted first 100 days, well, think again.

There are Republicans who can only say no.

There’s Blagojevich looking to get on a reality TV show.

Don’t forget about the Octomom for whom the paparazzi toil.

And an ugly duckling with the voice of a songbird from England named Sue Boyle.

There’s Bo the presidential pooch.

Lindsay Lohan pulling an Ann Heche by turning tail on the Lipstick Lesbian smooch.

Rush Limbaugh, aka Jabba the Butt, circling the wagons of the far right.

And Dick Cheney who snears that Obama’s weakening our might.

Levi Johnston, deposed Palin son-in-law, tells all.

While Sarah blames McCain for the big loss last fall.

You can’t blame W. for staying silent as the proverbial dropping of a pin.

Just for the mess that the economy’s in.

Those torture memos have made a big stink.

Let’s waterboard Rumsfeld in the kitchen sink.

Obama a big hit with the overseas crowd.

Americans once again feeling proud.

Socialist Democrats running the country into the ground.

There’s talk of secession going around.

That would be in Texas and other militia states.

Where they’re trying to part the Red Sea by opening up the flood gates.

“Slumdog Millionaire” takes Hollywood by storm.

Obama meeting face to face with Chavez more than lukewwarm.

We’re going into Afghanistan to prove we ain’t got cold feet.

Obama can’t stay off TV as longs as there’s press to meet.

The first 100 days gets a grade of B plus.

GOP is no match, it can only try to create a fuss.

They call the president everything in the book to promote fear.

We don’t scare easily anymore — long as we got a remote and some beer….

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