No Trump-ed up beauty

The politically-correct got crown’d Tuesday. Miss California USA Carrie Prejean, she of the belief that “opposite marriage” is wrong and that marriage should be between a man and a woman, gets to keep her crown.

Thanks to Donald Trump, who called a press conference to announce his decision and to let Prejean speak and to field questions from reporters, thinly disguised of course for the real purpose: to make the news event as much about Donald Trump as possible.

After The Donald started bragging that his pageant is much more successful than that old fuddy-duddy Miss America thingy because his pageant’s judges ask the tougher questions, he emphasized time and again that Carrie is beautiful and spoke honestly and heck this is the 21st century and just because she’s beautiful doesn’t mean she can’t speak her pretty little mind. And pose semi-nude as an undie model while still in her teens? Hey, what is this, the 1950s?

Then it was time for Prejean to speak. She did well enough that it’s almost certain conservatives will rally behind her in an attempt to make social issues in again so they can make some in roads politically.

What is it with the GOP and beauty queens? McCain’s married to a former beauty queen. Sarah Palin’s a former beauty queen. Meanwhile, Democrats like John Edwards cheat on their wives with anti-beauty queens.What hath Bill Clinton wroth?

Prejean was well-coached. She has a future in right wing politics for sure. She got all red, white and blue saying she was “punished for her beliefs and no one should be silenced for speaking from their heart.”

There’s a reality show in store somewhere for this babe. Forget the Octomom. Forget Rod Blagojevich. This is one smart cookie who looks like a “Price is Right” showcase model, but has the savvy of a Palin.

OK, so she went a little too much God on us at the press conference. The prayer thing is OK, but save it for Hannity’s show (which she should be on any minute now) We don’t need to hear it all the time — or else the liberal news media will really start digging into your past to find out how many times you skipped Bible class when you were a teen to smoke cigarettes and play “show me yours and I’ll show you mine” with the football team.

Speaking of the liberal press corps, MSNBC — the cable news channel that made it a crusade to see Miss USA stripped of her crown because of her “controversial” answer that marriage is between a man and a woman — went bonkers immediately after the press conference.

News anchor David Shuster, who had more than a little trouble being objective about this story from day 1, went ballistic, shouting “Can I vomit now!?”

For those of you who don’t recall, Shuster is the news commentator who, during the 2008 presidential campaign, matter-of-factly said the Clintons were “pimping out Chelsea” to speak for her mom during the primaries. MSNBC, whose male newsmen feel guilty if they even say the word “broad-minded,” immediately suspended Shuster for what he said on-air. Naturally he had to apologize to get his job back.

But that’s just it — he got to keep his job. Wonder if MSNBC is having second thoughts.

Shuster also threw a hissy-fit about the whole Prejean episode being an “insufficient” subject for TV news. Yet there was MSNBC, along with CNN and Fox News, carrying the entire press conference from beginning to end Tuesday morning. About 45 minutes worth.

Surprisingly, it was an anchor on Fox News who summed up the entire press conference in perfect deadpan fashion when he concluded: “There you have it, Miss California USA gets to keep her crown and Donald Trump’s hair stayed in place.”

And the line between news and entertainment shall continue to be paper thin.

Talk around the water cooler varies on this story. Some even suggest that it was all a set-up. Trump and blogger Perez Hilton and Miss California were all in on it in order to generate controversy and to build up the pageant. That would only make sense if Prejean had won the contest. As it stands, she’s a runner-up who is getting more press — and a better chance at being a fleeting TV personality before being crowned Miss Obscurity — than the actual winner heself.

As it is, Trump makes out like a bandit again. He always seems to be in a win-win situation. Certainly Prejean was not going to be stripped of her crown. There’s money and publicity in keeping her around until this thing blows over.

Shuster is right in a way, though. This is “insufficient” subject matter for a news show. But it’s fodder for free enterprise — for capitalism to somehow prosper.

As for blogger Hilton, Trump said it best: “Perez is just doing his thing.”

Try to get that image out of your mind. We can only hope that it never finds a place on the Internet.

Then anybody exposed to that would be joining Shuster at a vomitorium.

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2 Responses to No Trump-ed up beauty

  1. Just A Reader says:

    It is sad when something as simple as a beauty pageant can be used as a pawn to extend a political agenda. So much focus was cast on this unsuspecting young lady that was challenged for having an opinion over subject matter that should never be part of the pageant. The judge here is the wolf in sheeps clothing. Being a gay rights advocate himself, he should never been selected as a judge. Using this pageant as a vehicle to promote his agenda on gay rights is wrong.

    I commend this young lady for answering the out of place question as honestly and freely and she could while entertaining her right to free speech. She was intentionally trapped by this selfish opinionated out of place judge yet she told him and AMERICA what they needed to hear, NOT what the judge wanted to hear. She represented the State of California admirably as well as the population of this state who, by the way, have voted not once, but twice on the issue and voted it down. For that, for her honesty, and all the other attributes she posses to enter and win this pageant is why she should be Miss America and in my book, she is.

    Now lets hope that who is responsible for selecting the judges for events such as the Miss America Pageant use a lot more discretion and prudence in investigating the judges as they would the participants. It was those who were responsible for the judge selection process who blew this Pageant, caused all this unnecessary embarrassment and let a political agenda cloud what would have been a very nice form of entertainment for those who watched. And yes, may God Bless America too!

  2. Just A Reader says:

    Oh yes, maybe next time Mr. Trump will better define the requirements for the judges, prescreen the questions that are to be asked each canidate to ensure there will be no repeats of this nature and to assure future pageants will not turn into a circus. You made it perfactly clear this is YOUR pageant, perhaps you could management it better or allow those who can, do it for you. There are lessons to be learned here Mr. Trump, are you listening or reading??

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