The root of all evil

Civility gives ethics a run for its money as to what’s missing in Washington.

President Obama addressed this in his commencement speech at Notre Dame University over the weekend.

There were protests outside the auditorium when obama spoke that were civil. A few protesters inside tried a few times to interrupt the speech.

The protest revolved around Obama getting a honorary law degree. Some argued that he shouldn’t have even been invited to speak because he’s pro-choice when it comes to the issue of abortion.

Obama’s argument is that both sides should be heard and common ground can be reached.

A noble thought. But passion on both sides of the issue negate the common ground remedy. The moral ground refuses to yield.

Father John Jenkins, Notre Dame’s president, said in hiis introduction of the president that a lot was made about Obama’s coming to the university to speak, but nothing was said about his decision to accept.

The problem with protesting Obama speaking at Notre Dame does not hold holy water because he is not Catholic. Therefore, the politics of him speaking there is purely political.

An issue has been made that Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush spoke there and received honorary degrees and they are pro death penalty.

The argument made by a few priests who were against Obama being at the commencement was that in some cases the death penalty is justified by the Catholic Church. In some intances, even war is justifiable.

The sanctity of life is the most sacred of issues with the Catholic Doctrine, many priests and bishops agree. But taking a life because guilt is proved gets a pass.

An argument then surfaces that shouldn’t all life be sacred. War or no war. And aren’t all wars fought not so much on battle grounds but on religious grounds?

One priest said that abortion is the most evil of of issues the Catholic Church must battle. Because it is killing — killing that is never justified.

More evil than war because a child conceived cannot defend itself.

Once again women are at the center of what the church finds evil.

Money isn’t the root of all evil. It’s Jezebel.

Women have been judged guilty since God created Eve.

It’s a woman’s right to choose. Men — unless a woman insists on us in the decision-making process — have no say in telling a woman what they should do with their bodies. We just leave a deposit.

No say you say? This includes the church, run mostly by men (women still can’t be priests) and especially politicians (the good old boys club.)

Politicians on both sides of the issue use abortion to further their ambition to higher office.

Men of the cloth who are celebate make rules and tell those of us who are not celebate what is evil. It’s never the other way around.

The question remains is religion anti-woman? They alone have the power to give life. And, sadly to many, the power not to if they so decide.

Such power. Such a threat to the celebate man who can only condemn and not conceive.

So aren’t you glad your mother didn’t have an abortion?

A gotcha question.

Too bad Hitler’s mother didn’t have the option.

Call the pope and see if he can babysit the Octomon’s kids for a while.

Or Father O’Malley.

One could argue that’s why a lot of celebate men of the cloth were guilty of sexually abusing boys.

Girls could get pregnant.

What choice then?

There are only so many immaculate conceptions to go around.

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