Nancy’s song

Liz Cheney, daughter of the Beast, called President Obama “un-American” because he’s leaving the door open for investigations into whether her daddy and others were guilty of practicing torture.

But America doesn’t torture.

And if we did, it would be justified.

So it’s OK — unless House Speaker Nancy Pelosi knew about it and is lying when she said the CIA misled Congress about torture techniques.

Now the GOP has turned the tables on the Democrats. They’ve taken the spotlight off of the former vice president and put it on Pelosi.

Ah yes, the oldbait and switch.Politics isn’t the power of perception, it’s the power of deception.

Pelosi’s poll numbers are down. But she doesn’t seem to be. She always looks like she’s ready to hum a tune when she’s ata podium.

The late, great Frank Sinatra had a hit song written for him about his first wife, Nancy. It was called “Nancy (with the smiling face).”

Update the song and make it about Ms. Pelosi and it could be called “Nancy with the frozen smile on her face.”

Or just “Nancy Pelosi.” Here are the words — sung to the music of The Beatles’ “Eleanor Rigby”:

Nancy Pelosi

taking the heat for the things that Cheney has done.

The GOP’s game is fun.

Look at her squirming

saying the CIA is really the CYA.

Who wants to play?

All the liberal news media

when did they get their stones?

All those arugala eaters

are just more Hollywood clones.

Barack Obama

true believers think his speeches are sermons on the mount.

created the terrorist fist-pound.

Look at his poll numbers

the GOP can’t get to this guy.

He’s a liberal so maybe he’s “bi.”

All the un-American gun banners

watch them cough up more anti-war phelgm.

All the leftist baby killers

torture is too good for them.

Nancy Pelosi

targeted because she’s a member of the fairer sex.

Her future’s a train wreck.

Barack Obama

so he can speak in complete sentences unlike Bush.

Was he just checking out Hillary’s tush?

All the Jackie O. pretenders

will never bring Camelot back.

All the JFK wannabes,

none of them know Jack.

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