Obama’s home court advantage

Ronald Reagan was the Great Communicator.

Barack Obama may well be called the Great Anticipator.

He seems to know the loyal opposition’s next move before they do.

They seem predictable to him. And eventually prove to be so.

The GOP tries to show many looks, but none of them so far could be called a poker face.

They still haven’t learned to come prepared when playing cards with the president.

The deck doesn’t need to be stacked — Obama keeps his cards close to his vest. If he was a TV cowboy he’d be Maverick.

Undaunted, the GOP tinhorns still try to call his bluff, certain that he’ll fold.

But he’s always sitting on a royal flush.

To borrow heavily from another gambling sport, once again Obama’s put the opposition behind the eight ball.

OK, one more gambling sport metaphor:

Republicans are nags in the horse race and Obama continues to be the thoroughbred.

His selection of Sonia Sotomayor as a Supreme Court justice is a trifecta.

A woman. A Latina. A Catholic.

How many cards do you need, Mr. Gingrich?

Sorry, three’s the max.

OK, three then?

Doh! Bust!

Obama has painted the GOP in the proverbial corner with this pick.

If you’re a “Just say no to Obama” Republican, name the group you wish to alienate: we got gender, ethnicity and religious affiliation. “I’ll take religious affiliation for $1,000, Alex. Catholics are acceptible targets.”

Don’t think for one second Obama didn’t anticipate this scenario.

He has told Republicans that he’s not who they think he is.

He’s practically defending Bush and Cheney from going to the Big House for practicing torture without a conscience.

Ah, no dice. GOP still thinks Obama’s a socialist baby-killing Muslim with a lucky jump shot.

He won’t release the photos of torture victims for the sake of the safety of our troops.

Oh, we’re sorry, but thanks for playing the game anyway, Mr. President. You just don’t want to release them and all the memos because then Cheney could prove torture worked. And even if it did, would that like become some sort or prerequisite to from now on work in government?

Hell, Obama’s even been accused of becoming more like Bush.

Hey, those are fightin’ words in this country. Good thing Obama wasn’t born in this country.

So let the jabbering begin over the Sotomayor pick.

They’re certainly going to drive her one quote into the ground, the one where she said: “I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn’t lived that life.”

Conservatives like George “Put me in coach I can play centerfield” Will have already remarked that if a white guy said that about a Latina he’d be toast.

Ya, Wonder bread toast.

When is the right wing going to accept the fact that anybody at anytime in whatever forum can say anything about white guys and not have to suffer the consequences.

We have no lobby. We have no movement to defend us. Because deep down you right wingnuts would think that’s soft.

Think about it — you’re yelling reverse discrimination. Doesn’t discrimination stand on its own? Reverse discrimination makes it sound like it’s something that can’t exist. Reverse… backwards … like living in the past backwards.

Let the GOP say things like, Obama met her for the first time last week and was sold on her qualifications after only talking with her for a hour?

That’s so 2008 with John McCain and his spontaneous pick of Sarah Palin.

Maybe Obama secretly is a Republican ….

Or maybe he just knows who to play for a sucker bet.

Everyone is on the same wave length as the president on this one — easy to anticipate the fight the GOP is going to put up over the Sotomayor selection.

The only thing we don’t know for sure yet is who will be the jokers in the deck of another potential House of Cards.

There are sure to be some early favorites though….

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