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President Cyberwonky and the digital age

President Obama is going to appoint a cyber czar to oversee digital security. The man or woman who will be the czar (or czarina) won’t be announced until next week. But Fox News and Rush Limbaugh have already decided that … Continue reading


White whine

More white guy whining. All about Sonia Sotomayor’s bid for the Supreme Court. Newt twitters (Newt, twittering?) “White man racist nominee should resign. Latino woman racist should resogn.” First of all, why does he write like Frankenstein talks? “Arrrhh! Latino … Continue reading


The white man’s new burden

Comedian Chris Rock, who is never without insight that’s side-splitting, said — prior to the presidential election in 2008 — that George W. Bush screwed up so bad he’s made it tough for a white guy to get elected. When … Continue reading


Obama’s home court advantage

Ronald Reagan was the Great Communicator. Barack Obama may well be called the Great Anticipator. He seems to know the loyal opposition’s next move before they do. They seem predictable to him. And eventually prove to be so. The GOP … Continue reading

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The Arch of triumph

Archie of Archie comic book fame is going to finally marry either Betty or Veronica. Tough choice. Like either Jeannie or Samantha. Or Ginger or Mary Ann. Blonde or brunette (or in Veronica’s case, raven-haired) What’s with there never being … Continue reading


Cheney at the ready

Dick Cheney’s tour of duty to keep his legacy a lie proves just how powerful this human scare tactic was over the last eight years. And how out to lunch George W. continued to be during his failed presidency. Dick … Continue reading


Gitmo for your bipartisanship

There goes the neighborhood if Gitmo closes and terrorist prisoners get to be incarcerated in the U.S. of A. Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free. But no detainees, dammit. President Obama was wrong … Continue reading

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Nancy’s song

Liz Cheney, daughter of the Beast, called President Obama “un-American” because he’s leaving the door open for investigations into whether her daddy and others were guilty of practicing torture. But America doesn’t torture. And if we did, it would be … Continue reading

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The root of all evil

Civility gives ethics a run for its money as to what’s missing in Washington. President Obama addressed this in his commencement speech at Notre Dame University over the weekend. There were protests outside the auditorium when obama spoke that were … Continue reading

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Women rule the week

The week began with Miss California USA “just say no to opposite marriage” keeping her crown. It’s ending with the CIA getting crown’d by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi accusing the spy guys of lying to Congress about intelligence briefings concerning … Continue reading

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