Twit or tweet

Twitter is all the rage. Here are a few tweets for your appetite:

Sonia Sotomayor:

Just spent the week on Capitol Hill meeting with a bunch of old white guys.

Surprise! When reporters asked them about me none of them could make
a decision.

Gov. Mark Sanford

Our great state of South Carolina just OKd carrying guns to school.

Johnny can’t read, but what teacher’s gonna have the guts to fail him.

GOP lawmakers

Today on Capitol Hill we revealed classified information to the mediaprovingthat torture worked and it stopped any further attacks on the United States.

We’ll be damned if we let the government top us after they posted details online of hundreds of nuclear sites.

We’re the Republican Party, letting you know we’re better at keeping you safe. It’s no secret. And if it was, we sure couldn’t keep it.

Liz Cheney

Everybody sing along:

“We’re creepy and we’respooky.

icky, yukky and pukey.

Let us get our hands on some nukies

The Cheney Family….”

George W. Bush

Hey, this is just like writing a letter. Where do I put the stamp?

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