The audacity of the Republicans’ hope

Signs that the worm may be turning: slightly more people disapprove than approve of President Obama’s handling of the economy.

It doesn’t help when his administration uses “the glass is half full” theory when it says things like “we’re losing jobs at a slower pace” than in previous months.

Finally some good news for the “Just say no to O” Republican Party that clings to the “glass half-empty” scenario in its “hope Obama fails” crusade.

Does this mean Obama is checking out of the honeymoon suite? Is the love affair with the American people on the skids? His approval ratings are still high. Like him, no likey his stimulus spending.

The American people are starting to get impatient.

We want what we want and we want it now.

Just what Newt Gingrich needs to get the American people on his side.
Newt? Does anybody out there really think that this dork could ever get elected?
There seems to be a faction within the GOP that wants it to be his turn.
The last of the white guys.
But look out, that Awesome Alaskan Avalance of Attention Sarah Palin is muscling in again.
Palin played diva at a Republican congressional fundraiser Monday by just finally showing up. She kept ’em guessing up to the last minute.
She was invited months ago to be the headliner, but when she, uh, flip-flopped on whether to attend, they gave the gig to Gingrich.
Palin was seated at a head table but was told she was not going to have the chance to speak.
Thought that was a slight that was only reserved for RNC chairman Michael Steele.

The reason why Palin wasn’t going to be allowed to speak — Republicans feared she might overshadow Gingrich.
Shoot, a busboy with a stutter could overshadow Gingrich.
Palin’s a star in the GOP (which in the long run may turn into a battle that could carry the anti-Sarah tagline Gingrich Over Palin).
Palin was even accused of lifting passages from a speech co-written by Newt several years back that was written about Saint Ronald Reagan.
When Palin was told some thought she was plagerizing, she said she only acted when she was in high school drama class.
It’s a long way until 2012 — but don’t tell the impatient news media who can’t get enough of campaigns (which are always more interesting than the eventual winner’s presidency.)
Can Gingrich and Palin keep the attention going for that long?
If it’s between these two, Obama can sign a lease on a honeymoon suite.

Overheard at the GOP congressional fundraiser:

1. Hurry up with the speeches, Obama needs the TelePrompter back by morning.

2. The reason why Palin isn’t speaking tonight is she forgot to bring the speech she lifted from Wendell Wilkie.

3. Is that Dan Quayle busing tables?

4. Rudy Guiliani doesn’t look half-bad dressed as a chick.

5. That’s not grease from the food, you’re sitting next to Mitt Romney and the hot lights are making the gunk he puts in his hair drip.

6. Was that an earthquake or is Rush Limbaugh jumping up and down again?

7. No wonder Justice Ruth Ginsburg put a halt to the Chrysler deal with Fiat, she has a face that could stop a Mac truck.

8. Did Anne Coulter used to be a man?

9. Oh, that’s the chairman of the Republican National Committee. I think it’s the same guy I asked to park my car.

10. Who the hell invited W.?

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