No bailin’ on Palin

David Letterman vs. Sarah Palin.

Is there a feud a brewin’?

Palin got a bit ticked at Dave, who was pretty mercilous the other night making light of her visit to the Big Apple.

His Top Ten list included something like Palin spending $150,000 to update her “slutty flight attendant look.”

He didn’t stop there (Letterman is pretty relentless with his zingers, especially when aimed at politicians.)

He said Palin attended a Yankees game with Rudy 9-11 and during the 7th inning stretch, Yankee slugger Alex Rodriguez knocked up her daughter Bristol.

It’s safe to say Dave can get a little mean-spirited.

Palin reacted to Dave in the best forum to highlight her Winkiness: on a conservative radio talk show. We all know what a breeding ground that is for comic material.

The Alaskan Avalance of Awesomeness said Dave was “pretty pathetic” and it must’ve been a slow news day for him to pick on her.

She came this close to calling him a “poopy-head.”

Palin should’ve come up with her own Top Ten list to get back at him.

Forget it, she would’ve lost interest after No. 6 because it involves having to read something.

If Letterman is his usual ticked-off at the world self, he’s not going to let Palin off the hook this easy.

More comic verbal abuse is on the order tonight. Certainly another Top Ten list.

An interesting poll released Wednesday: 52 percent of people who call themselves Republicans don’t know who is — or, more to the point, should be — the voice of the GOP.

Rush Limbaugh lead the pack with something like 13% saying he’s the voice.

Jabba the Butt was followed by Dick Cheney, John McCain and Newt Gingrich — the Mount Rushmore of old white macho maniacs whose out-dated ideas are as numerous as their overnight visits to the bathroom.

Sarah Palin didn’t make the cut. Guess she needs to grow a pair.

By the way, the poll neglected to mention that coming in fifth as the voice of the Republican Party was Fox News.

Granma got tasered by a policeman: No, it’s not the title of a novelty song but the dall-garndest truth.

A grandmother in Texas who got pulled over by a state trooper for a traffic violation was anything but cooperative.

Police surveillance video captured the incident as Granny argued with the officer after she got out of her car. After nine attempts from keeping the fiesty lady from wandering into oncoming traffic, the trooper finally had to taser her to get her to settle down.

No charges against the trooper look like they’ll be filed.

Granny doesn’t look like she can win this one if she goes to court.

But tasering an old lady?

Wam! Bam! Thank you gram…..

President Obama is coming up with a diet plan for the country.

This will give the GOP more fuel to their fire about Obama trying to control our everday lives.

Especially when the diet plan hints at “obesity checks at work.”

Obama even wants to tax sugary drinks.

Watch out skinny dude, sugar-ladened soda drinkers could very well turn out to be a big voting bloc come 2012.

By the way, the prez didn’t say anthing about a diet for all those fat cats who are making money hand over fist in this steenkin’ economy.

Some who may well be his Wall Street buddies.

Aren’t you the guy who goes ga-ga over pie?

Remember: Don’t tick off us sugar-holics because we vote and there’s nothing we like better than giving somebody their just desserts.

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