The wit and the twit

C’mon, Sarah, lighten up.

Stop your nonsense about good old David Letterman being an old pervert who you have to keep away from your 14-year-old daughter.

The joke about Alex Rodriguez knocking up your daughter during the 7th inning of a Yankees game was about your unwed 18-year-old daughter Bristol and you know it.

While you’re at it, get that loser of a husband of yours — Todd — to stop with the Fox News talking points. Letterman was not encouraging statutory rape.

He was making fun of the Palin family — which, courtesy of everything you guys do, is becoming the new Great American Pastime.

Your opportunism is as obvious as your lack of knowledge needed to hold a political office of any kind — at least here in the lower 48s.

Sarah Palin, with her annoying “Fargo” voice and her brain the equivalent of a Klondike bar, was on “The Today Show” on Friday scolding Letterman, and “Today” host Matt Lauer (whom she called naive), about the comic’s “degrading comments.”

Palin said Letterman’s monologue was a “sad commentary on where we are as a culture and society.”

Dave should apologize to young girls everywhere, she said. Considering the fact young girls everywhere probably haven’t ever heard of him.

Until moms with the Palin mentality bring it to their attention.

Palin said it’s no wonder why girls have low self-esteem.

That’s right, blame it on those East and West Coast show biz type.

They’re the ones that influenced your daughter to get knocked up. It’s all that not real America stuff that youngins are subjected to.

Couldn’t be she has parents who didn’t live up to their parenting skills.

Palin even accused Letterman’s barbs as “contributing to the exploitation of minors by older men.”

No, that would be The Rolling Stones.

Palin was shrewd going on NBC and not her home away from home, Fox News. Her snarky comments would’ve just been seen as right-wing ranting. Her “crossover” to the more liberal network pads her following — her Palinites, as it were.

But she made the big boo-boo by telling Lauer “this is not about me.”

Moose pukey.

It’s always only about you.

If it wasn’t, why not let Bristol speak?

Listen to Palin’s answer when Lauer asked her if she would go on Letterman’s show.

She said she wouldn’t because she doesn’t want to give his show a ratings boost.

(Idea for Dave: Top Ten ways Sarah Palin can boost my ratings. The number one reason: Keep this story going for as long as you can.)

Palin is that oblivious.

The Palins paraded their daughter Bristol the unwed pregnant daughter — not Willow the 14-year-old who must be protected from show business deviants — at the GOP convention, along with the nice young lad who knocked her up but was touted as her fiancee.

After the loss, the Palins still had to stay in the news. Since Mom Palin doesn’t have a thought in her head, it was time to parade the kids out to the public again.

Palin family drama.

Bristol and Levi break up.

Levi blasts Mom Palin for treating him like dirt.

Mom tries to discredit him.

Bristol tells teens to practice safe sex.

Mom and the right-wingnuts re-program the poor young thing and parade her out there to say, better practice abstinence instead.

Mom has an image to keep up.

But it’s not about her.

Where does Palin expect this to lead?

The left-wingnuts at CBS going to punish Dave for making fun of a human punchline that also offers the extra added attraction of being Republican?

Liberal tree-hugging, green-peacing, same-sex lovin’, God-hating, baby-killin’ movie stars who have to plug something (no, not that kind of pluggin’ Sarah) going to boycott Dave’s show?

To think that a comic with the clout that Letterman has would actually be that self-destructive to make a joke about raping a 14-year-old (the Palin theory here) is ridiculous.

These Republicans, they’re so sensitive.

Uh, Sarah, are you looking for empathy here?

No, just headlines. The only time you ever read a newspaper.

And you probably ticked off a few right-wingnut radio gremlins by going after Dave.

They probably had a few nasty jokes at the ready about Sasha and Malia.

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