Everybody hates L.A.

The NBA season is finally over.

Not a big basketball fan.

Not since Air Jordan retired.

Sorry, Kobe Bryant is no ‘Air’ Apparent.

The Los Angeles Lakers easily dominated the Orlando Magic.

The NBA Finals could’ve easily been called not the Lakers vs. the Magic, but rather Disneyland vs. Disney World.

Not to worry, hoops fans, the new NBA season will probably start in another two weeks.

Man, basketball season is endless.

Any sport that begins in the winter and doesn’t end until days before summer officially begins is too long.

Same can be said for hockey — but since the Pittsburgh Penguins won the Stanley Cup this year, it gets a pass. Or, in hockey terms, a biscuit in the basket.

Now if only the Pirates can win the World Series, Pittsburgh can secure a trifecta: Super Bowl, Stanley Cup, Fall Classic.

The Lakers winning the NBA title didn’t result in L.A. burning down. Much to the chagrin of the rest of the nation that hates L.A.

That’s not to say that it wasn’t beyond reason that riots could’ve ensued and public transportation would’ve been toppled over like Lionel toy trains.

But this is America — not Iran. Let them riot in the streets over an election they thought was rigged.

We don’t rig elections in America — no, wait.

Well we don’t riot after elections — no matter which way they go.

But we do tend to go wild in the streets when our home team wins the big prize.

No one got seriously injured Sunday night after the Lakers won and L.A. streets were filled with exuberant humanity.

A parade is set for Wednesday to honor Team Kobe.

Phil Jackson may actually show some emotion.

People will be more civil, because everybody loves a parade.

The rest of America won’t be watching.

“It’s almost time for pre-season football to start” is the phrase they’ll be thinking now that basketball is over for now.

L.A. doesn’t have an NFL team.

Which is why when football starts the rest of America has to find another team to hate.

Paging the Dallas Cowboys…..

It’s not L.A., but it’ll do….

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One Response to Everybody hates L.A.

  1. Paul C in PA says:

    Johnny, the Penguins parade (aka: The March of the Penguins) allegedly outdrew the Steelers parade by 25,000 people. The estimate for Monday in the crowded ‘Burgh streets was 375,000 people. Josh and I were there, great to get paid to watch a parade. Now if the Pirates…oh, we can forget that…

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