Medicine show

Things overheard in the audience Monday when President Obama spoke to the American Medical Association about his health care plan:

1. “Is there a doctor in the house — who actually believes our union is going to let the public buy this?”

2. “It’s ironic, he’s speaking to a lot of GPs, but it’s falling on deaf ears.”

3. “I’d rather be golfing.”

4. “Will you stop trying to get me to turn my head and cough!”

5. “He may be a great doctor, but the nurses refer to him as ‘the tongue depressor.’ “

6. “Can you believe Obama’s physician really is Dr. Vinnie Boombats?”

7. “Bush was funnier when he talked about the OBGYN’s giving all their love.”

8. “I bet Obama could use a cigarette right now.”

9. “Health care, stealth care — people would be better off switching to Geico.”

10. “Remember when Cheney spoke here and he had three heart attacks?”

Speaking of Dick Cheney, CIA Director Leon Panetta is doing an about-face of sorts after making the comment that the former VP “smells blodd” and wants the U.S. to be attacked again.

This was on the heels of the heel making the comment — for the upteenth time — that America is less safe from attacks because Obama is president.

Panetta said Cheney sounds like he “almost” wants another 9-11 so he could be proven right.

Well the neo-con-stipators were up in arms (and were ready to arm themselves) after their hero was slammed by the CIA guy.

Kind of like the opposite of when Bush and Cheney were running the country into the ground and they vilified those who disagreed with anything they said and stigmatized them as being anti-American and pro-al-Qaida, which translates into wanting the country to be less safe and attack-prone.

The cliche “turn about is fair play” doesn’t even apply here because there was never anything fair about the way Cheney played.

And what’s this with the GOP going to vote against funding for our troops? They’re making the case that America needs money and funding George Bush’s war isn’t on the up-and-up these days.

How anti-American. Where’s the outrage, Fox News?

Will the Democrats turn this on the Republicans? The GOP was successful defeating candidates in 2004, like John Kerry, who didn’t vote to fund the troops.

The Democrats don’t have the guyoons to Swift Boat. They’re more in the league of Whiff tote.

Meanwhile, sone liberal-types are getting a bit testy with the president. Comedian Bill Maher dissed him last week on his HBO (The tag “It’s Not HBO, it’s BHO (Barack Huessin Obama) was priceless”) for wanting to be popular instead of putting it all on the line to demand we get health care.

Of course Maher has to be controversial — remember the trouble he got into after 9-11? And coming down on Obama, while not on the same level after we were attacked, is a way for him to get more attention.

Maher even said Obama should be a little more tougher like George W. — who, Maher said, was able to get things through Congress. Like the Iraq war.

By the way, when was the last time you heard anyone talk about Iraq?

Hell, why bother — there’s still this thing with John and Kate plus eight.

And is that feud betwen Letterman and Sarah Palin over yet?

Wouldn’t you like to hear Letterman say something like: “OK, that’s enough groveling. This is like marriage — I keep apologizing, and I still can’t get any sex.”

Letterman did apologize — again — to the Palins. That wasn’t good enough for one conservative group that called his apology “slippery and Clintonian.”

Which is, of course, redundant.

The Clintons couldn’t get us health care either.

Take your medicine, dudes and dudettes.

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