When stereotypes collide

It was just a coincidence that Father’s Day coincided with National Gay Pride Week.

Since it’s a BrunOpinion theory that anyone can say anything at anytime or anywhere about men (in fact, it’s encouraged), here’s some stereotypical signs that dad may be looking to vacation on “Brokeback Mountain”:

1. He ran off with Liza Minnelli.

2. While driving the family to another state on vaction, he asked for directions.

3. No matter what you ask him, he responds with: “don’t ask, don’t tell.”

4. He starts making decisions on his own, like knowing when to buy his own underwear.

5. Never leaves the toilet seat up.

6. Can recite dialogue from episodes of “Sex and the City.”

7. He’s over 50 and still has a dream of one day making it on Broadway.

8. Buys “Playboy” for the articles.

9. His role model is Cher.

10. He can dance — and he’s white.

Note to MSNBC: Start broadcasting on weekends.

It’s tough to take a cable news organization seriously that won’t work Saturdays and Sundays.

One is forced to get the news (you know, like Iran exploding into chaos) from CNN, which isn’t bad when the only other alternative is Fox News.

MSNBC is way too infatuated with all that prison documentary crap — or perverts caught on tape news programming (seriously, how many times can it be newsworthy when a pedophile gets trapped in a sting operation?)

While on that subject, why don’t these caught on tape news guys ever trap those school teachers who have sex with underage kids. Oh ya, boys have to sew their wild oats.

MSNBC certainly has that liberal slant, but the news guys and gals are more entertaining than Wolf Blitzer.

News is 24/5 at MSNBC.

That news network loves polls — and even pointed to the fact that President Obama’s approval rating is falling, and his handling of the economy is right around George W. Bush’s I.Q.

They take a poll on just about everything.

One they wouldn’t dare take is asking Americans if they are more concerned about the Iran crisis or what’s happening on “John and Kate Plus 8.”

If news isn’t broadcast on weekends (forget holidays) on MSNBC, maybe the network can come up with a reality show that doesn’t involve wastes of human genome behind bars.

MSNBC calls itself the place for politics, certainly that Blagojevich-promised reality show can offer something different.

One episode can have the disgraced former Illinois governor trying to out-talk MSNBC’s Chris Matthews.

Talk about the biggest loser.

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