Run, Sarah, run

Some members of the John McCain presidential campaign are slamming por Sarah Palin again.

An article in the magazine Vanity Fair cites some staff members referring to the Alaskan Avalance of Awesomeness as “a little shop of horrors.”

They were quoted as saying she suffered from “postpartum depression” and was either “unwilling or unable” to get through the campaign.

Meanwhile, Palin got words of her own printed in the magazine Runner’s World, where she said she’d come out ahead of President Obama if they went one-on-one in a long run.

No doubt about that — especially if the Prez is still lighting up a cigarette whenever the cameras aren’t on him (and when does that happen?)

Palin said jogging keeps her emotionally and mentally in shape. Completely mental.

Guess the McCain staffers weren’t runners. Except when they were hoping to run away everytime Palin opened her mouth.

“Sweat is my sanity,” Palin told the magazine.

Not exactly something a fella wants to hear from a gal.

Unless you’re Lou Ferringo.

Palin said she’s “totally incognito” when she runs because she wear makeup — unless it’s a sprint to Nieman-Marcus on the Republican National Committe’s dime.

“I can go running through a mob of tourists and they don’t recognize me,” Palin told the magazine.

Is that in real America or the other one?

In other political news: The Luv Guv Mark “I love your tan lines” Sanford says he won’t resign and that he has a spiritual adviser.

One question: is she foreign and is she hot?

Spiritual adviser. What’s this person gonna do, crack Sanford’s knuckles with a ruler because he’s been a bad boy.

Gimme a break. Join Hypocrites Anonymous. “Hello, My name is Mark. And I like to get a little on the side, and am above it because I’m not a Democrat.”

Rudy 9-11 opened up his Sylvester the Cat mouth the other day saying things like “For every Republican politician who cheats on his wife, I can name a Democrat.”

Well I guess that settles that. You know, when Rudy talks about being faithful you can take that to the bank. Yah, Bear Sterns.

Sanford should cut a record — an update of a classic rock song, but with a new twist. Like:

“Oh won’t you stray —- just a little bit longer.

C’mon, c’mon, c’mon stray….”

President Obama met with members of the gay rights movement on Monday.

He looked a little nervous among the crowd.

Just in case, the Prez had first lady Michelle at his side.

As if he had to defend the Defense of Marriage Act.

It didn’t help matters much when Obama said some of his best friends listen to Barbra Streisand albums…

Stuart Smiley finally declared the winner in the Minnesota Senate race.

Al Franken the Democrat ousted Norm Coleman the Republican.

The former “SNL” cast member wants to prove he’s no joke.

That means there’s hope for Dennis Miller, the Bob Hope of Fox News, who isn’t a laughing matter anymore.

In the future look for more comedians to run for political office.

But first we have to get rid of the slew we have in office now.

Candidates with funny names that get elected and re-elected solely on that:

1. Newt

2. Orrin Hatch

3. John Boehner (ha,ha, he said bonner)

4. Dick Army

5. Bush

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