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Run, Sarah, run

Some members of the John McCain presidential campaign are slamming por Sarah Palin again. An article in the magazine Vanity Fair cites some staff members referring to the Alaskan Avalance of Awesomeness as “a little shop of horrors.” They were … Continue reading

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The apology tour

OK, where were we. Oh ya, GOP South Carolina Gov. Mark “No country for older men” Sanford. Last week the Luv Gov held a press conference that was longer than a Cecil B. DeMille Biblical movie. He stuttered his way … Continue reading


Rock of ages

Frozen in time. James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, JFK. They never age. The good die young. They leave a good-looking corpse, so to speak. Can’t really say that about Elvis. He did go Lardo Baldo toward the end there. But everybody … Continue reading


Icons passing

One wonders what the GOP thinks of liberal Hollywood now. The death of Michael Jackson has completely wiped the extra-marital affair of Republican South Carolina Mark Sanford off the front pages and the top of the cable newscasts. The self-proclaimed … Continue reading


I’m a Republican — get me outta here!

The Republican Party is even dumber without George W. Bush leading it. Who woulda thunk it? Paging South Carolina Gov. Mark “Don’t Cry for me, Argentina” Sanford. No, he wasn’t playing Kane from “Kung Fu” and practicing his inner zen … Continue reading

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At least it wasn’t a tax hike

Where have you gone, Gov. Mark Sanford, a nation hardly knew about you. The South Carolina Republican was missing for five days — not even telling his wife where he was going. And she wasn’t concerned anyway. Sanford is another … Continue reading

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When stereotypes collide

It was just a coincidence that Father’s Day coincided with National Gay Pride Week. Since it’s a BrunOpinion theory that anyone can say anything at anytime or anywhere about men (in fact, it’s encouraged), here’s some stereotypical signs that dad … Continue reading

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Obama’s bad week

You know you’ve had a bad week as president when PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) gets on your case for killing a fly during an interview with CNBC on Tuesday. Thing about it was Obama got it … Continue reading


Ensign pulverizer

The morally self-righteous Republican Party got a wake-up (it’s time to go home to your wife) call the other day when GOP Nevada Sen. John Ensign admitted in public that he had an extramarital affair with a female campaign staffer. … Continue reading


Medicine show

Things overheard in the audience Monday when President Obama spoke to the American Medical Association about his health care plan: 1. “Is there a doctor in the house — who actually believes our union is going to let the public … Continue reading

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