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Everybody hates L.A.

The NBA season is finally over. Not a big basketball fan. Not since Air Jordan retired. Sorry, Kobe Bryant is no ‘Air’ Apparent. The Los Angeles Lakers easily dominated the Orlando Magic. The NBA Finals could’ve easily been called not … Continue reading

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The wit and the twit

C’mon, Sarah, lighten up. Stop your nonsense about good old David Letterman being an old pervert who you have to keep away from your 14-year-old daughter. The joke about Alex Rodriguez knocking up your daughter during the 7th inning of … Continue reading

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Real guy stuff

For those not in the know, Monday has been designated “National Man Day.” Before Adam Lambert goes berserko grande, it’s not Village People it’s raining men kind of man day. Two guys from Indiana have been in contact with their … Continue reading


No bailin’ on Palin

David Letterman vs. Sarah Palin. Is there a feud a brewin’? Palin got a bit ticked at Dave, who was pretty mercilous the other night making light of her visit to the Big Apple. His Top Ten list included something … Continue reading

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‘Deliverance’ from evil

Fox News got another compelling interview with the diva of the Republican Party. No, not Rudy Guiliani in drag — the other diva. Sarah Palin, who’s been studying stuff in the news don’t ‘cha know, and spoke out on the … Continue reading


The audacity of the Republicans’ hope

Signs that the worm may be turning: slightly more people disapprove than approve of President Obama’s handling of the economy. It doesn’t help when his administration uses “the glass is half full” theory when it says things like “we’re losing … Continue reading

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Twit or tweet

Twitter is all the rage. Here are a few tweets for your appetite: Sonia Sotomayor: Just spent the week on Capitol Hill meeting with a bunch of old white guys. Surprise! When reporters asked them about me none of them … Continue reading

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When was the last time your boss went to get take-out for his employees and brought back a bunch of burgers and fries in two big greasy bags? If you watched NBC’s tour of the Obama White House, you saw … Continue reading


An eye for an eye

The assassination (by proxy) of Dr. George Tiller by the coward Bill O’Reilly. The Fox News contributor and his lackeys are accomplises in the murder of the late late-term abortion provider from Kansas. They didn’t pull the trigger, but they … Continue reading

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Looking for Mr. Goodwrench

President Obama looks like a nice guy, but I wouldn’t buy a new Chevy from him. General Motors filed for bankruptcy Monday and Obama spoke about it saying he has no interest in running the car titan. But if he … Continue reading

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