Final analysis

They called it the Final Farewell.

To Michael Jackson — the self-proclaimed King of Pop.

Final Farewell, like hell.

MSNBC isn’t gonna give up this ghost.

Larry King will probably conduct seances.

Fox News will let more conservative pea-brains like Rep. Peter King of New York (who called Jackson a “pervert” who shouldn’t be honored ) come out and slander the entertainer even in death.

Ironically, the circus is coming to the Staples Center in L.A. on Wednesday.

That’s going to pale in comparison to the media circus surrounding Jackson’s death and the continuous coverage until his memorial service on Tuesday.

The memorial service was serene and featured notable artists who performed and/or spoke about Jackson.

Jackson’s 11-year-old daughter Paris-Michael spoke about her dad for as long as she could before breaking down, leaving not a dry eye in the Staples Center or for anyone who was watching worldwide.

Now that that’s all over, it’s time for the nasty stuff to begin.

The money-hungry lawyers and publicists and ex-wives will be fighting it out in the courts.

Jackson’s legacy will take as many hits as praises.

Jokes will resurface.

There is never really a final farewell for legends as big as Jackson.

He was always too young to ever rival Elvis in life.

He will in death.

On my way to work Tuesday morning I was expecting not to want to deal with the hours on end of Michael Jackson tributes.

But then it happened. On the car radio came “Rock With You” — hands down my favorite Michael Jackson song.

I was suddenly in a great mood — even for a work day. Life was good.

Eight hours on the job flew by.

The workload didn’t matter.

“Rock With You” was in my head all day.

Only certain songs have that effect on me.

“My Girl” by The Temptations and Marvin Gaye’s “Mercy Mercy Me (the Ecology)” are two other songs that come readily to mind.

Jackson for a time owned The Beatles music catalog — outbidding former Beatle Paul McCartney for that motherlode.

One of the Fab Four’s hits was “Let it Be.”

You’d like to think that song title would be appropriate for what should transpire after Michael Jackson’s death.

But it’s more like “Not to be.”

Those who criticize or praise can simply answer their detractors by proxy with “tell them that it’s human nature….”

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