The aftermath

The day after Michael Jackson’s memorial made its way around the we are the world, MSNBC still lead off its 8 a.m. (PST) newscast with even more self-proclaimed King of Pop news.

Anchor Carlos Watson spent the first 15 minutes apparently recapping the latest in Jacksonmania.

Later on in the newscast, right before commercial, Watson teased with this headline: “Michael Jackson coverage. Is it time to move on?”

If you have to ask…

MSNBC is like a Michael Jackson junkie that has to be weened off the coverage — even if it is aftermath, which is not offering anything new.

Other news networks may have to coax MSNBC into an intervention.

MSNBC would ask its new addition to its morning lineup — Dr. Nancy — for advice, but she’s addicted as well.

(Sidebar: Never take advice from a doctor who only goes by his or her first name …. Dr. Phil ring a bell?)

On Tuesday night, MSNBC ran consecutive rebroadcasts of the Jackson memorial, which ran three hours — each.

That means the news organization ran 24 hours of Michael Jackson tribute.

Move on, you have to ask?

At least no one at MSNBC did what CNN’s Larry King tried to pull off — or wear. King wore a black fedora, ala Michael Jackson. King looked even more like a ghoul. If that’s possible.

Advice to MSNBC, enough already. And send that music critic Toure back to Rolling Stone magazine.

His own over-exposure grew old real fast. His main goal seemed to be to convince anyone listening within the sound of his voice that Michael Jackson could moonwalk on water.

MSNBC, if you ever want to show you can stop with the fawning that’s poorly disguised as news on Michael Jackson, let your own Keith Olbermann do one of his “special comments” about the over-coverage.

Snap out of it, MSNBC, Fox News is starting to look more like a news organization that’s not addicted to canonizing a superstar (although they do worship at the altar of Ronald Reagan.)

Speaking of good ol’ Fox News, send in your predictions as to when you think Sarah Palin will become a regular contributor to Murdochville.

Prizes won’t be given away or anything — you’ll just have the satisfaction of being right. And isn’t that reward enough?

Sometime in the fall should be about right. Fox would be wasting its ratings hold over the other news groups by bringing her on during the summer.

Unless there’s a really big story.

But it has to be one that she can easily memorize from the talking points.

Health care is too involved. Even smart people can’t figure out that mess.

Fox would also be wasting Palin’s persona if she continues to bash everything President Obama does.

Fox has an infantry of those at its command.

There has to be some kind of a show she can host.

Not another Mike Huckabee, please. Enough corn-pone from that corn-fed already.

What kind of show can Palin perfect anyway?

Pitch: A new version of the age old Groucho Marx game show, this time called “You bet’cha life.”

Instead of a (lame) duck coming down with the “secret word,” someone dressed as a moose (maybe husband Todd) will have the name of a Democrat who is either a socialist or is pro-choice or hates America, or all of the above.

Should contestants guess the right Democrat, they will win a chance to go hunting with the gov. from a helicopter.

Questions would be multiple choice, and all about Palin herself.

Alternate Pitch: Palin hosting a game show called “You Bet’cha Wife.”

On this one, Gov. Mark Sanford, Sen. John Ensign, former Sen. John Edwards, and former N.Y. Gov. Eliot Spitzer wager on what kind of revenge their spouses will serve best cold.

Meanwhile, Palin will judge which politician comes up with the best lie.

The winner’s wife gets to go shopping with the Thrilla from Wasilla.

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