Moral Mafia

Look out, here comes the Christian Mafia.

Hide the women and daughters.

The boys of C Street in Washington are on the tail… uh, trail.

The he-man women-haters who are into “discipling.”

Yes, children, Republican senators, congressmen and governors.

A real good-ol’ boys club.

The white stuff.

They conduct prayer meetings and then cheat on their wives.

But it’s OK, their fellow disciples of Reagan give them Limbaugh dispensation.

Because God has chosen them to lead.

Their obligation to democracy is hypocrasy.

So keep them cards and letters coming, children, and keep defending the Red State gladiators who will throw anyone who isn’t a Christian to the lions.

Hear South Carolina Gov. Mark “love your tan lines” Sanford keep confessing his love for another woman and saying dribble like cheating on his wife has made him a better husband, father, friend and advocate.

Jiminy Carter! Not even Bubba Clinton stooped to such nonsense when he was lying about the chubby intern.

Do you lemmings of Jabba the Butt and Sean Insanity actually fall for this drool?

Listen to these guys.

They call themselves the Christian Mafia. You know, Mafia. Badda-boom, badda-bing! Don Vito Corleone. “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.”

Maybe these political hacks join this secret society because they were made an offer they couldn’t refuse.

And there are 20 million ditto-heads who are so full of hatred for humanity and diversity that they let their heads spin whenever a nerve is struck by some large intestine of a broadcaster whose only talent is the ability to get somebody’s blood to boil.

Secret society of morality mongoloids who hate America because they’re not the chosen ones their bum-buddies are leading them on to believe.

Hang in their, children of Jabba. In no time they’ll be 25 million. Then 30 million.

Then Paradise.

Will you the follower since the humble beginnings of the spewing of hatred be on board?

Only if you’ll be able to answer with a straight face: Is that white enough for ya?

Remember, be weary of anybody who says things like “That ain’t kosher.”

Onward Christian soldiers.

There’s battles to be won.

Oh, and leave the wife at home …. just in case …..

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One Response to Moral Mafia

  1. Bucky Moran says:

    John, you are the perfect anecdotal antidote to Hannity-Limbaugh-Dobbs.
    But for safety’s sake, can we see your birth certificate, please?

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