Role reversal

White in America.

We sure have it bad.

The racial profiling is like a disease that has spread across the United States quicker than any swine flu.

Epidemic proportions is the phrase they use.

We walk into any department store at night dressed like we just got done jogging and all eyes in the facility are on us.

Employees at the store have their hands near a telephone just waiting to dial 9-1-1.

And forget about the police. One look at us and it’s like they’re seeing their life flash before them.

Or worse, our lives.

We can’t even get our first white female confirmed to the Supreme Court. Something she said about being a wise, Anglo woman has got the Democratic Party in a tizzy.

And that nonsense about her ruling against that firefighter test just because white people weren’t smart enough to pass it.

Holy jeeps, anybody could tell that test was anti-white.

No questions about yacht clubs or golf.

Talk about stereotypes.

First our 2 percent of white firefighters in the country are targeted, and now it’s our 3 percent of white police officers.

That’s right, so we arrested someone who wasn’t white trying to break into his own house.

We were just doing our job. Protect and serve.

Do we have to keep reminding everyone of those police beatings in Oklahoma caught on tape?

Or how the former president took a week before he responded to the Dom Perignon shortage in the Hamptons?

Thought things would change with the first White Anglo Saxon Protestant president.

It’s gotten worse.

The Democratic Party votes en masse against evrything he proposes.

Thank God for liberal talk radio.

Where would we be without Al Franken, the defacto leader of the Democratic Party?

We true followers —- we Frankenberries —- are getting stronger everyday.

People like us are starting to take notice. Listening. Learning.

In less than 50 years when we are finally the majority, things will be different.

Then they’ll know what it was like to be white.

And this bizarro universe will spin on its proper axis.

For too long we’ve been living in a world straight out of a “Twilight Zone” episode.

You know the one, where the woman wanted to get plastic surgery because she was so horrific looking and didn’t look like the rest of the people on earth?

Turns out when she was told nothing could be done and the bandages were taken off, she was the beautiful one and everybody else was horrific looking.

That’s what it’s like being white in America.

Beautiful in a country that’s not always pretty.

We shall overcome.

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