Whine, woman, and so long

The Great White Hope of the Republican Party, that Awesome Avalance of Attention Sarah Palin, bid farewell to the job she couldn’t handle Sunday and is now a private citizen.

Until that gosh darn media starts bugging her and her family with every move they make.

Palin, to no one’s surprise because she is as predictable as Putin’s head hovering over her state, trashed the media.

She scolded reporters for making things up — like she wasn’t ready to be vice president because she was only a governor of a state. For not a full term as it turns out.

Funny, Palin wasn’t critical of the media covering her “so long it’s been good serving ya” speech but “now I have to go make money ‘cos this job doesn’t pay as much as a possible reality show with the Octomom’s kids, Jon and Kate, Bristol and Tripp and crabby ol’ grandpa John McCain.”

What the media should do —- but they won’t because they’re bigger hypocrites than the ex-gov — is not cover Palin at all.

OK, that would be like MSNBC not mentioning Michael Jackson for one day.

But it would be sweet.

This blog will stop if the media does.

Stay tuned for more coverage of every nonsensical thing Palin is about to do.

Question is, can Palin stay in the news long enough to run for president n 2012?

Or for congress or the senate in 2010 and then quit two years later?

Let’s send her to the front lines in Iraq so she can be with the troops she uses to create a greater divide among Americans, who all support our troops.

Let’s see her put her AK-47 where her mouth is.

The media hasn’t gone this bonkers over a politician quitting since Nixon.

Another politician the media hounded out of office. Another law and order candidate who didn’t do anything wrong but want to keep America from being torn down.

Where’s the outrage?

All Palin needs is Fox News anyway. They’re the real news media in real America.

If only there was a Fox News around the time of Watergate …. or a Jabba the Butt Limbaugh ….

Palin called her 2 and a half year reign of terrible in Alaska a success. Which makes sense if you believe she’s quitting while she’s ahead.

Sarah of Arc also whined about those “people” (liberals, Democrats or independents) who are seemingly “hell-bent on tearing down our nation.”

Palin was reading from the Republican playbook when blabbering “How about, in honor of the American soldier, you quit makin’ things up.”

Translation: By reporting on the dumb stuff she’s done — and for parading her family in the spotlight because she believes she’s Donna Reed — the media is somehow putting our troops in harm’s way.

Of course Palin has done nothing wrong since she stepped (into it) on to the national stage.

Everybody who has ever disagreed with her is not a real American.

In Palin’s America, Richard Nixon would get a third term.

Ronald Reagan would be in The New Testament.

George W. Bush would be compared to Winston Churchill (his legacy would come off far better than it’s going to be if Palin does become president, because then he will look like Churchill.)

This egomaniac is now getting credit for quitting a job the same sheep who are following her elected her to fulfill.

In Palin’s America, if you don’t like the way things are going — and especially if you can’t finish the job, blame somebody —- anybody —- for your failure to perform at a standard that’s at least honorable.

That’s the real America.

Not blaming the media, the same misfits you crave when you want attention.

Or Hollywood —– Hollywood? Ya, it’s Tinseltown who created the Celebrity-in-Chief we have now.

By not holding political office, Palin is now just a personality. A celebrity with no real talent but to be available whenever your fan base craves your opinion.

Palin has now become the vapid celebrity the McCain campaign tried to paint Obama as in those campaign ads.

Palin is the Paris Hilton of the Tundra.

Like Paris, who gets tired of her boy toys, Palin tires of not fulfilling her potential.

Which used to be serving the people of a state that believed in you.

As the saying goes: Quit happens.

And Palin is full of quit.

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  1. Bucky says:

    Palin/Suleman in 2012

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