A killer health care plan

Republicans are scaring the bejesus out of senior citizens again.

This time it’s a few GOP berserkos frightening the elderly into believing President Obama’s health care plan is out to kill them.

Not only that, but the homicidal health care plan will even choose how seniors will die.

One GOP lawmaker was quoted as saying “a lot of people are going to die,”

Another whacko from the South (most of them are) said seniors will be put to death in order to save the government.

“Secret plots to kill older Americans” is the latest rant from some of these birdbrain representatives.

They warned us during the presidential campaign that if you vote for a Democrat you’re going to die.

It’s like the GOP thinks all seniors are as confused, ill-informed and frightened as that paranoid old lady who, at a town hall meeting during the campaign last year, told John McCain she thought Obama was “an Arab.”

The latest Republican scare tactics, so effective during the Bush and Cheney presidency, may be even worse now with its fear mongering.

And senior citizens are particularly vulnerable in this area.

So let’s play their game.

Here’s some reasons why the Obama health care plan is out to kill the nation’s elderly:

1. You guys smell funny.

2. You poop your pants.

3. No one wants to see what you guys look like naked.

4. Not even Viagra helps anymore.

5. Family members can’t tell if you guys are asleep or dead.

6. What are the chances you’re gonna be around to save money by switching to Geico?

7. You still can’t program a VCR —- and no one has VCRs anymore.

8. You need to be put down ‘cos you guys always drive on the highway with your left turn signals on.

9. Republicans have alienated Hispanics and women, and you guys are the only voting bloc they have left —- so hasta la bye-bye, grandpa.

10. Cheney needs hunting partners.

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