Monthly Archives: July 2009

Sarah shocker

Say what you will about Sarah Palin, but she sure knows how to make news. She not only announced her resignation as governor of Alaska during the Michael Jackson media frenzy, but over the Fourth of July weekend. Maybe she … Continue reading


Don’t stop till you get enough

A week after the day the music went into a coma, cable news networks — primarily MSNBC and CNN — have been wall-to-Off the Wall with Michael Jackson coverage. It’s got to the point of morbid hero worship. Like they … Continue reading


You can call him Al

Former comedian Al Franken, of “Saturday Night Live” fame of yesteryear, and now Senator from the sort-of-great state of Minnesota, has a liberal agenda, neo-conservatives will tell you. Left of even — gasp! — Barack Obama. If Fox News hasn’t … Continue reading

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