Mission accomplished 2

As predictable as a Republican saying “That’ll kill ya!” about Obamacare, the right wing-nuts like Pat Buchanan are knocking Bill Clinton’s successful mission of getting back the two American journalists from North Korea.

Now that’s a “Mission Accomplished” we can believe in —- George W. Bush-leaguers.

Gee, that would be the second successful maneuver by the Obamamaniacs this year.

Remember getting those Americans out of harm’s way by taking out the Somali pirates.

Oh, right, that gave credence to pirates everywhere and made them look like heroes (except the Pittsburgh Pirates, who are being traded faster than weapons to questionable foreign leaders by arms dealers sanctioned during the Reagan years.)

Clinton and Obama recognized a rogue regime, the wing-nuts chortled.

North Korea made us pay political ranson, the Jabba the Butt-pluggers repeated verbatim like talking points to Fox News by the Bush administration.

Bob Dylan once sang, “There’s no success like failure, and failure’s no success at all.”

I still don’t know what that means, but wanting any American leader to fail — be it Bush, Cheney, Clinton or Obama, is not American.

Diplomatic disaster, the Hannity manatees sang like a Greek chorus gooned on oxycontin lifted from The Butt’s stash.

The wing-nut credo: “Thou shalt not produce results diplomatically — isolate the SOBs, unless you have to invade his country because daddy president didn’t finish the job.”

Then there’s the Clinton way —- smooth talkin,’ slick Willie. The master of malarkey. Slicked his way out of impeachment, he did.

Got the gals back home safely without an international incident.

Had we done it the Bush Yale Cowboy way —- well, he wouldn’t have wanted to be bothered with it.

Let Cheney handle it. He and Kim Jong Il can talk diplomatically —- if that means comparing notes on waterboarding techniques.

Fox News contributing weasel Dick Morris said the two women didn’t deserve to be rescued and should’ve done the 12 years of hard labor.

Right, because they’re Asian-Americans, no doubt.

Sorry, gals, you don’t have the White Stuff.

These women journalists would never make it on Fox News. First and foremost, because they are journalists.

Second: They’d never pass the Murdoch test unless they suddenly become White Anglo-Saxon Protestant bleached-blondes and are ready, willing and able to show a lot of bare leg.

Priority One: You rescue Americans who are held captive in countries run by madmen.

And when it is accomplished successfully without a shot being fired you feel pride in your country — no matter if it was done by the sheer political wizardry of a Bill Clinton or a Dick Cheney.

I’ve never been a big fan of Bill Clinton, and the cynic in me can’t help but think he has an ulterior motive behind his successful diplomatic mission.

Then there’s the jokes: “Hey, Bill, it’s a chance to pick up chicks and Hillary can’t do anything about it.”

Like W., Bubba is always a prime target for zingers.

But you got to hand it to him (no pun intended) he came through and all’s well that ends.

Score so far, Team Obama: 2. Bad guys: 0.

Score so far: Team Obama Mission Accomplished: 2. George W.: Still Wishin’ Mission was Accomplished.

Bubba hit one out of the park for the team and he got to round the bases.

And you know how important it is for Bubba to get to third base ….

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