Mob rule

The definition of a contradiction in terms: Democrats fighting back.

They’re losing it, man.

And because they are what their opponents characterize them as being: meely-mouth wimps. They deserve to get their butts handed to them on this one:

The GOP and their pimps, the mighty insurance corporations, have let loose on town hall meetings the smell of the crowd.

Angry mobs being paid by Big Pharma to shout down the evil Obamacare.

The mob has the right to be heard.

And more power to them if they are getting paid by the health insurance corporations.

It’s about time they paid us. Even if it is a pittance.

But just as the angry, ugly Americans (why do these guys in the crowd always look like a commercial for some fat slob selling John Deere equipment?) have got to let the other side be heard.

Wait, that’s not the Republican Way.

The protesters are mostly misinformed, scared of their own shadow, and brainwashed into believing that:

A. Obamacare will kill senior citizens

B. Make people will be subjected to mandatory sex changes (just to facilitate gender confusion) Damn liberals, always out promoting onegendering.

C. The government will cut babies in half like Abraham

But the protesers aren’t un-American. They’re just not very bright.

Big Pharma and Jabba the Butt (there’s someone who knows a little something about pharmaseuticals) are trying to kill the Public Option. That’s a key phrase, people, you know as in Public School.

But you guys aren’t communists and siding with the terrorists for your stand against what your government is trying to pull over your eyes.

Not like those un-American, jihad-loving, al-Qaida co-conspirators who protested the Bush-Cheney “We’ll be treated like liberators” Iraq War.
And, Jabba, ease up on the medication: the Obamacare symbol looks like the symbol of Hitler’s SS party.
Sure, go back and look at footage of the Nazi Party in their hey day and see how many resemble Barack Obama or Rush Limbaugh.
Why not recast “Hogan’s Heroes” — Jabba would be the perfect Sgt. Schultz, because time and again he’s proven “I know nothing!”
Protesting a government-sponsored idea is perfectly true blue Americana.
But turning to violence or even hinting at violence and putting it in borderline schizo minds that are attracted to mob rule is like a scene out of Iran.
Like that one sadistic Republican lawmaker who joked about “lynching” the Democrats who were speaking at those town halls.
You’re inciting the jackboots who march to the Vagner beat of Fox News and Jabba, who want a racial war and are orgasmic at the thought of that kind of revolution being televised.
They even convince mothball brains to believe Obama wants to bring socialism to the country.
Next time when someone asks you for your Social Security card, or you check out how much you pay into Social Security, remember —- that’s socialism.
The word “Social” out to give you a clue, clueless.
Know anybody on Medicare?
Granny? Good thing Obamacare is gonna kill her — because she’s been subjected to Medicare, which is a form of — arrrgh! —- socialism.
Keep drinking the Kool-Aid.
There’s new flavors now:
Limbaugh Lime
O’Reilly Orange
Palin Pineapple
Beck Banana
The taste will make you feel like there’s a riot going on in your mouth.

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6 Responses to Mob rule

  1. MJP says:

    How about this flavor:

    Brun Brown Bullshit.

  2. Nikki Hull says:

    Who ever you are:
    If this plan is so good, why doesn’t the politicians try it for 5 years, and let us know if they like it and or if it works. This is what is know as freedom, you obviously have never experienced any other way of life so therefore do not know a good thing when you live it.

    If you do not like fredom of speech, try Venezuela, I am sure you would be welcome there. Bye and have a good trip.

  3. poet says:

    Those on the left freaked out by some old folks yelling at town hall meetings are incredible: you call and tolerate calling Bush Hitler, a liar, stupid, etc., tolerated plays and storie sbeing written about him being assasinated, etc. for 8 years, but some ordinary Americans saying “hell no” to Obama’s headlong rush to socialism is too much for you to bear. Cry me a river! The anger you see is real and widespread; conversely, wher is the passion to change our health car ethat Obama, Pelosi and Reid, etc al, say America is clammoring for? Reform, yes. The changes Pelosi and Obama want- along with all of his other far left wing programs and policies which are all now plain to see- hell no!

    The only manufactured astroturf is being put out by Obama and Pelosi by sending his SEIU and Acorn goons out to the town halls. And now, our supposedly unflappable and smooth president is losing it, turning on his own fellow Americans, about 60% of whom DO NOT support the heath care plan.

    Obama is an arrogant guy and that will be his undoing. Turn on us, Obama? Right back at ya.

  4. Bucky says:

    Hey Nikki,

    All of the politicians who have been in Congress or are now in Congress have been the the direct, proud and happy users of federal care — the one available to all federal employees of the USA. I have never heard one federal employee ever say that their health care plan was anything but excellent.

    The federal option is already proven as a success. It works in the USA and similar plans work well in many other countries throughout the world.

    We’ve already tried it out on congress and the military and people with disabilities and the elderly. If it’s good enough for congress and the military (GO TROOPS!) it is good enough for anyone to have as an option

    It is only an _option_. Just that. And it works too!



  5. Bucky says:

    >>Keep drinking the Kool-Aid.
    There’s new flavors now:
    Limbaugh Lime
    O’Reilly Orange
    Palin Pineapple
    Beck Banana

    Heya, Mr. Bruno, Did you forget “Hannity Fannity Cola” or is that just too brown and disgusting to imagine putting up to your lips?

    — Bucky

  6. Bucky says:

    Oh yeah, “poet”,

    I agree with you that a lot of progressives are too thin-skinned, but your arguments after that don’t hold water (or Kool-Aid, for that matter).

    You can’t compare anything Obama to George Bush’s illegal war in Iraq which cost the lives of 1,000,000 (one million) Iraqis, not to mention over four thousand lives of loyal brave Americans, not to mention the tens of thousands of wounded American troops.

    Lumping together SEIU and ACORN is weak and sadly predictable. Let’s see, The Teamsters are a union that supports Obama too. Are you calling _them_ “goons” as well?

    As to health care, “poet”: Please come up with a clear and concise argument about why a federal option –which is good enough for our congress and our troops and millions of other U.S. citizens– is suddenly characterized as “socialist” and un-American?

    Mr. “poet”, sir: You are sounding like just another tired shill for the insurance mega-companies, hardly like an “ordinary American”.

    Best wishes in your next career,

    — Bucky

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