Agnst for the memories

“Some men just want to watch the world burn.”

– Alfred (Michael Caine) to Bruce Wayne(Christian Bale) in “The Dark Knight”

The instigators at Fox News and extreme right wing-nuts are gloating over the town hall outrage going on across the country.

Jabba the Butt is as happy as a pig in grease.

Obama is finally beaten. He’s failing.

August can be renamed agnst.

Our national agnst has reached it’s fever pitch.

The masses are speaking —- well, yelling —– letting freedom ring.

They have that right.

Turn up the volume.

It’s the instigators over the airwaves who are turning up the violent rhetoric that could lead to violence.

They see it as a crusade.

Obama failing isn’t going to be enough.

The time is right for fighting in the street, boy.

The media is the message, and the extremists are chanting the title of a recent movie: “There will be blood.”

And they’re preaching to a choir of memebers who are already angry at the changing face of America.

And heaven forbid someone is maimed or killed during one of these patriotic events.

Should that happen, cowards like O’Reilly and Limbaugh will retreat to their “don’t blame us” corners.

Oh, they’re good at retreating.

Neither one of them had the stones to serve in the military during the Vietnam era.

And they’ll lie by saying they never say or do anything wrong. They’ve got millions of viewers who’ll confess to that.

Punks. These two bozos dodged the draft in their youth.

They’ve been dodging intellect ever since.

Cowards always make the best self-proclaimed patriots. Always first to back wars they’re too old to fight.

They’re also the best at sending out their followers to do their dirty work.

It can never fail because people will believe anything they hear from someone else that strikes a nerve.

Obamacare wants to kill old people.

Obamacare will take money from your bank account to pay for abortions.

Heck, Jabba could belch that Dexter, the serial killer on the Showtime series, is going to be Obama’s health care czar and his Butt-plugs will swallow it.

What the hell, they’ve swallowed worse.

Add to the mix the one person who keeps putting the looney in looney tunes, Sarah Palin, with what could be her most idiotic statement to date (and that’s saying something):

Obama has death panels that will decide who will live or die.

The only good thing to come out of this verbal vegetable in this case is that her political legacy will be that she’s the dimwit who actually came up with the phrase “death panels.”

Then there’s Sen. Chuck Grassley, the chicken you-know-what, who catered to the absolutely ridiculous theory that old people are being targeted for euthanasia.

The Iowa Republican told the roar of his town hall crowd to be afraid that the government will pull the plug on grandma.

What a wuss.

Conspiracy has replaced courage in 21st century America.

That’s what the instigators want most of all.

Conspiracy theory is their ecstasy drug.

Nirvana for the neo-cons.

Saturday night’s alright for fighting.

If that means a race war, so be it.

Should that happen and fighting ignites on Main Street, USA, cowards like O’Reilly and Jabba the Butt will be hiding with Cheney in that undisclosed location.

If that should fail, they’ll televise the revolution from another country.

France would be poetic justice.

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2 Responses to Agnst for the memories

  1. MJP says:

    The only conspiracy is the puzzling decision by the Whittier Daily News in allowing your complete and utter CRAP onto its website.

    We’re laughing AT you pathetic copy editor Bruno, not at your lame, sophomoric “jokes.”

  2. paul C in PA says:

    It also appears that you can’t wait to read the column, MJP.

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