Obama’s District 9

The American people are proned to believe anything if they see it or hear it played enough times on TV or now on the Internet.

If you believe the horse manue about FEMA running internment camps for the sick and the elderly, here’s a whopper:

America has its own version of District 9.

And it’s run by the Obamament (cross between the president’s last name and the government.)

This District 9 also has space aliens, but they stay in line if they are fed well.

Their diet consists of the elderly.

They call their food — what else —- soylent green.

“Soylent green is old white people!”

This looks like a job for Sarah “death panels” Palin.

Only she can save the old white folk.

Hopefully it won’t take more than two and a half years because she’ll tire of it and/or do such a half-ass job at it and quit.

The “birthers” didn’t make the dent that they were hoping for. Trying to convince the nation that Obama was not born in America was plain stupid.

But scaring people about death.

That breathes life into many a debate.

Palin took credit for the “death panels” scare-extraordinare tactic. Of course she didn’t originate it — she’s a puppet.

Matt “never getting laid” Drudge snatched it from the jaws of a mouthpiece for the health industry that makes a dollar everytime somebody sneezes.

Palin first tooted it out of one end of her or another a week or so ago. When she thought it wasn’t going anywhere, the next day she twittered that there should be some decorum about the health care debate.

When the insanity caught on, she threw civility out the door (where it could join any common sense she might have been subjected to).

Naturally, she started living high off the hog (or moose) with this utter nonsense.

Talk about your baked Alaskan.

Yes the Democrats —- who are the majority in the House and Senate — the Democrats were going to control who lives or dies by virtue of death panels.

The Democrats. They can’t even reach a majority decision on what to have for lunch.

“Pull the plug on Grandma”

(sung to the tune of The Band’s “The Weight (Take a load off Fanny)”

“So you voted for Obama

now you’re having second thoughts.

Millions of white folk out of work

jobs are going to illegal alien robots.

Say Sarah can you tell us

why Obamacare wants your baby to die?

she just winked, quit her job

now she’s preachin’ The Big Lie.

“Pull the plug on grandma,

pull the plug for your country.

pull the plug on granny

and … and … and.. you’ll be thanked by the First Family.”

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One Response to Obama’s District 9

  1. Human Access Code VIVIVI says:

    It’s going to be quick,
    It’s going to be clean,
    and most of all,
    It’s going to be quiet.

    — Obamament Death Care motto
    according to Matt Drudge, Sub-Human Director, District 9

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