I’ll drink to that

It’s Friday! That means bar-hoppin’ in the Southland.

Back East in Martha’s Vineyard where the Obamas are vacationing, they named a drink after The Man himself.

Calling it an Obamarita.

Here’s a few other interesting names for libation sakes you can toast to:

1. For George W. Bush: Two non-alcoholic beverages that are near-beers —– Dudweiser and Doh! Sekis

2. For Rush Limbaugh: Jabba the Butt Juice

3. For Glenn Beck: a Screw-loose driver

4. The Die-quiri: The Obama administration’s death panel cocktail for old people unknowingly being prepped for euthanasia.

5. The Grassley-hopper: named for GOP Iowa Sen. Chuck “The Panderer” Grassley, who hops up and down like a trained monkey whenever he gets his talking points from the “deathers” and Fox News.

6. For hiking the old Appalachian Trail with GOP South Carolina Gov. Mark “Love your tan lines” Sanford: the energy drink Redneck Bull….

7. For toasting everything that comes off the top of Sarah Palin’s bubblehead: The Pina Colonic

8. Whisky a go-go: the mistake of mixing Jack Daniels and Kaopectate

9. Martini and bossy: a night of drinking with Hillary

10. Jim Beam Me up: drinking with William Shatner and getting the hell out of the bar when Sulu shows up

Drink responsibly (whatever the hell that means), Johnny Walker Red Blooded Americans

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2 Responses to I’ll drink to that

  1. MJP says:

    11. For Bruno the Bunghole: Jim Jones Cyanide Kool-Aid Shot

  2. bucky says:

    Dear Most Jacked-up Person (MJP), please refrain from sharing your sexual fantasies about Mr. Bruno.


    — Bucky

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