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Cheney unchained

Dick Cheney slamming his former underling, George W. Bush? It’s as if the Beast now thinks that George’s middle initial, W., stood for Wuss. Apparently Dick says Bush went soft (sounds like a failed porno movie plot) after re-election in … Continue reading


Agnst for the memories

“Some men just want to watch the world burn.” – Alfred (Michael Caine) to Bruce Wayne(Christian Bale) in “The Dark Knight” The instigators at Fox News and extreme right wing-nuts are gloating over the town hall outrage going on across … Continue reading


Dylan for Christmas

Talk about the times they are a-changin.’ It’s been reported that Bob Dylan —- the voice of a generation during the turbulent 1960; poet laureate of the Age of Aquarius — is going to record a Christmas album. To quote … Continue reading


Cutting through the chaos

The South can’t get over losing the Civil War. The defeat transcends generations way down yonder. That Mason-Dixon line hasn’t been able to think straight since 1865. Cue that weepy woman in Arkansassy last week at that Obamacare death squad … Continue reading


The making of a foreign-born president

It started in 1961, the first year of the Kennedy administration. JFK and his brother Bobby had this brilliant idea of how to help the Civil Rights movement — but it would take some time. Their master plan: For America … Continue reading


Mob rule

The definition of a contradiction in terms: Democrats fighting back. They’re losing it, man. And because they are what their opponents characterize them as being: meely-mouth wimps. They deserve to get their butts handed to them on this one: The … Continue reading


Mission accomplished 2

As predictable as a Republican saying “That’ll kill ya!” about Obamacare, the right wing-nuts like Pat Buchanan are knocking Bill Clinton’s successful mission of getting back the two American journalists from North Korea. Now that’s a “Mission Accomplished” we can … Continue reading

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Budd Schulberg died on Wednesday. Budd who? You ask. He was one of the great screenwriters of the 20th century. A keen observer and translator of the human condition was Budd Schulberg. He wrote “On the Waterfront” — which featured … Continue reading

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Bubba done good

The good news is the two U.S. journalists held in North Korea have been freed — thanks to good ol’ Bubba diplomacy. The bad news is they have to fly back to the states on the same jet as former … Continue reading


Barack’s birthday

President Obama’s birthday is Tuesday. Here’s some gifts people have in mind for the Prez: 1. From George W. Bush: Nothing. He’s given Obama plenty already: plummeting economy, unresolved war, bad image of America overseas. 2. From Dick Cheney: A … Continue reading

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