School of thought

As Elmer Fudd might say: “Those waskally wight wingnuts are at it again.”

This time they made all wationality — uh, rationality —– irrelevant.

If you can believe your eyes and ears, the wing-nutballs want to keep our children out of school on Tuesday.

Why? Because President Muslim is going to speak to children nationwide about education.

It’s a time-honored tradition. Presidents have always done this.

But then we’ve never had a president who is out to brainwash our children into wanting to study socialism, admire his health care plan, and believe that the planet is actually older than 6,000 years.

The wingnuts will be referred to on occasion from now on as the hissy fits.

The Obamas went on a date to New York City to catch a Broadway play.

The wing-nutballs threw a hissy fit.

The Obamas took a week-long vacation on Martha’s Vineyard.

Hissy fit.

Obama went cycling with his daughters and he didn’t wear a helmet.

Hissy fit.

In fact, anything this president does gets attacked by the hissy fits. Especially when it doesn’t have anything to do with policy.

The wing-nutballs think Obama wants to brainwash the people. And their children.

How dare him try to muscle in on their territory.

Keep your children out of school on Tuesday.

Ya, listen to Fox News’ Minister of Propaganda Glenn “Goebbels” Beck if you want to learn what’s what.

This soybean chortled that Obama is using kids to push his agenda on health care.

Political agenda in the classroom.

“We don’t need no education.

All we need is a remote control.

No socialism in the classroom.

All in all we just want Glenn Beck to set our goals.”

Obama using kids to sell his health care plan. When aren’t kids used to sell something they don’t understand?

There are almost as many kids pushing products in TV commercials as there are male-bashing TV ads.

And that’s a lot.

Ya, listen to Beck, parents. There’s a role model.

This guy is so ignorant, in high school he crammed all night for a urine test.

The president of the United States is going to speak to the children about staying in school. Study. Learn. It’s the only way to achieve in this world.

And there are knuckleheads like Beck who want parents to stop their kids from hearing what is likely to be another Obama speech that challenges kids to be better. Smarter.

The wing-nuts don’t want your children to hear The Man talk to your kids about education.

They don’t want your kids to learn. Because then they’ll think.

And if they actually think —- which a vocal number of Americans are not doing these days —- they won’t fear.

Who wants a country of thinkers anyway.

Thinking too much only makes your head hurt.

An elderly gentlemen came into the newsroom today saying he was worried that President Obama was going to give a speech to the children of the United States that was written by homegrown terrorist of the 1960s Bill Ayers.

Everyone who heard about it wanted to take the man aside and tell him to think about that for a moment.

This is the alternative to common sense: The radical Right that the Republican Party is letting doing their thinking for them.

The right wing-nuts are the one’s brainwashing people.

It’s about time they got schooled.

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  1. MJP says:

    Are you having another “hissy fit” about our so-called “hissy fit? pathetic little Bruno, the most feminized “man” in blogosphere history.

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