Cooler heads prevail

The voice of reason coming from the Republican Party is coming from former first ladies.

Recently Nancy Reagan told MSNBC’s Chris Matthews that the political parties should be working together instead of being polar opposites on every issue.

On Monday, Laura Bush said she supported President Obama giving a speech to the nation’s schoolchildren and that the president of the United States should be respected.

Her statement came on the heels of the most recent hysteria from the paranoid schizos who believed Obama was going to try to indoctrinate students through his liberal agenda.

Both Mrs. Reagan and Mrs. Bush have made the most sense of any Republican since Obama took office in January.

And they have done so by using basic common sense.

If the GOP is going to nominate another Bush for president, let it be Laura.

One school in North Carolina was highlighted on the news Monday night saying that it was banning their students from listening to the speech.

Can’t blame the South —- they’re not big on education down there unless there’s a curriculum on possum huntin.’

In the interim, Claremont Elementary in North Carolina will use that time to fit their students for white hoods and sheets.

“Dang! We’re not wantin’ our kids to be learnin’ ’bout no personal responsibility from no community disorganizer!”

What did they think the president was going to tell America’s kids —- listen to more hip-hop?

Thankfully, cooler heads in the Republican Party prevailed. They applauded the president’s speech —- after having read the transcript a few days prior to Tuesday’s speech.

The White House relinquished once again.

Shouldn’t have to.

Obama is the president. And the president should be respected.

Those are Laura Bush’s words.

You know, the smart Bush.

The president’s speech to the nation’s students was vintage Obama —- many a phrase or two that you can take to your head as well as your heart.

“You quit school, you’re quitting your country.”

“Show up, pay attention and listen to your parents.”

Sure sounds like it was The Man’s intention to indoctrinate students into his liberal agenda.

When Obama talked to students about shared responsibility, he could’ve been talking to Congress.

Responsibility to both political parties means living up to their lobbyists’ expectations.

Add the word shared and fingers start pointing. But that’s when the subject is guilt.

The country is more polarized now than it would ever have been if Hillary Clinton —- the cover girl for polarizing —- had been elected president.

It’s just much easier for the radical right-wing nuts to make their case for hysteria because a black man is The Man.

This time the wing-nuts may have gone too far with trying to paint the president as someone who can manipulate simpler minds.

If that was the case, he would’ve already had the radical right wing-nuts in his pocket.

Obama has a big test himself tonight when he speaks before a joint session of Congress.

He’s got to practice what he preached to the nation’s kids.

“I expect great things from all of you,” the president said.

We can say the same thing about him.

It’s going to be a tough crowd in that hallowed chamber.

In many ways Obama will be dealing with a bunch of adults from both political parties who act like they’ve never grown up.

Obama can use the one line from his speech to the kids on the lawmakers.

“There’s no excuse for not trying.”

Let’s see if Joe Cool can see get those cooler heads to prevail.

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2 Responses to Cooler heads prevail

  1. MJP says:

    If the so-called “wing-nuts” are really against black people, then how do explain the whack job liberal left being so maniacal in trying to see Clarence Thomas and Condoleeza Rice fail?

    Facts are just no fun, huh Bruno?

  2. paul C in PA says:

    The only person I ever heard anyone say they hoped someone failed — Rush (Oxycontin & Viagra) Limbaugh.

    Facts are just no fun, huh MJP ?

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